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Sun 10/18/20

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     1. 03:10 PM - Re: RV8-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 10/17/20 (speedy11@aol.com)

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    Time: 03:10:54 PM PST US
    From: speedy11@aol.com
    Subject: Re: RV8-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 10/17/20
    Ed,Those cable require regular maintenance.=C2- If you don't they will te nd to bind.=C2- That is true of all cables, not just Van's.Personally I s pray them with Kroil at each annual, and sometime more often.=C2- Sprayin g the outside of the cable housing is sufficient and allow it to creep insi de.=C2- It is easy to see when it has absorbed inside.=C2- There are ce rtain sections of my cables that I can't spray to to limited access, but th ey are mostly straight sections and thus, less likely to bind.Regards,Stan Sutterfield Time: 09:42:17 AM PST US From: edward Clegg <edwclg@gmail.com> Subject: RV8-List: Re: RV8-List Digest: 0 Msgs - 10/16/20 Has anyone had problems with the Vans supplied throttle/mixture cables for RV 8s'? Both bound up after 8 years, I replaced them and now have an issue with mixture cables' throw reduced to under 2 inches resulting in inability to shut a/c down with mixture. Thanks, Ed Clegg

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