In-line Fuel Flow Pulsation Damper

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  • What is it and how does it work?

    The Pulsation Damper (PD) is a stainless steel sphere with a fitting on one side that connects to a 'T' AN fitting and is placed in-line with the fuel flow either just before or right after the fuel flow transducer. The PD acts like a common 'air shock absorber' isolater in a typical sink facet. The air is compressed inside of the sphere in time with the pulses in the fuel line caused by the boost pump and/or the mechanical fuel pump. This extremely simple device is incredible effective at reducing the fuel flow reading fluctuations common in turbine transducer-based electronic instrument installations. Below is a paraphrased testimonial from a customer on the use of the PD in his 0360 power RV-8 installation.

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  • Customer Testimonial on the Performance of the Pulsation Damper

    "I've been able to check the performance of my [FuelChec] with the [Pulsation Damper] installed in cruise conditions. I'd had the traditional problem of the auxiliary fuel pump affecting the gph reading of the Fuel Scan.

    At cruise I now find that the [FuelChec] reads exactly the same (or within 0.1 gph) with or without the aux fuel pump operating.

    If the aux fuel pump is on, the fuel flow (gph) decreased when the pump is turned off. The fuel flow comes back to the original reading after a minute or more. This is at cruise with a fuel flow of around 7 gph.

    If the aux pump is off, the indicated gph rises when it is turned on but also returns to the original value after a minute or so.

    Matt, thanks for your help an interest. I'm pleased at the good result we've gotten."