The Matronics FuelChec (tm) RealVideo Demo

FuelChec (tm) RealVideo Operation Demo

The following links will demonstrate the complete feature set and basic operation of the FuelChec (tm). The demo uses RealVideo and requires the latest version of the RealVideo Player. The player can be downloaded for free from the Real Video Web Site at

Please select the data rate that most closely matches your connection to the Internet. The higher the available data rate, the higher the quality of the video stream.

Important Note!

These RealVideo streams require a minimum of 16 bit color (65535 colors) on the video card and you must be currently utilzing this mode.

  • RealVideo FuelChec (tm) Demo Via:
    A) 28.8k Modem

    B) A 56k Modem or 64k ISDN

    C) T1/LAN or 128k ISDN

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