The Matronics List Daily Messages Graphs

The following graphs are regenerated each day at 4:00am. They represent the total number of List messages posted on each day within the reporting period. A wide variety of reporting periods are available as shown below. Note that days in which no messages were were posted are not shown. For example, while the "Last Year" graph is marked off on the X axis in 30 day increments, any given increment may actually represent more than 30 days in actual time. This is especially true in the early days of the Lists, when traffic levels were much lower than they are today.

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These graphs are generated using the "Date: " lines from the respective Archive files. The date line is converted to the standard format of
<yyyy> <mm> <dd>     For example:   1996 11 23
then numerically sorted. Following the sort, the data is then "uniqued" using the '-c' option to provide the actual number of messages for any given day. These day-counts are then fed into a graphing utility called 'GnuPlot' then converted to the "gif" format with another utility called 'pbmtogif'. This entire process is fully automated and is run automatically each day via a Unix cron job.

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