Pietenpol project For Sale

Subject:    Pietenpol project For Sale
From:    GrantZ (grantz5906@aol.com)
Date:    Fri Nov 28 - 9:54 AM
Started my Pietenpol last November but have decided to sell my project.  After
much consideration, it looks like the Pietenpol will not fit my flying needs.

Status of the project is:

The fuselage is framed up, bottom attached, seat backs and bottom framing installed.
Firewall and other bulkheads cut but not installed.

Wing center section about 90% done, right wing panel about 80% done. Riblett 613.5
airfoil. All ribs completed.  Have spars for left wing panel prepped and ready
for ribs.

Horizontal and vertical stabs, elevators and rudder are ready for varnish and hinge

Corvair motor disassembled, cleaned and case parts painted.   Basically ready for
reassembly with Wm Wynne's conversion parts.  Have old cylinders,  rods etc
for use as cores.

I planned on the split axle landing gear so I have a set of Cleveland 6" wheels,
brakes, bolt on axles and 6.00 x 8.00 tires.

1 sheet (4ft x 8ft) each of 1/16 and 1/8 (for fuselage sides)  birch aircraft plywood.

Various 4130 wing fittings completed.

If interested, please contact me off list.

Grant Ziebell
Savannah,  TN

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