Re: Re: Aluminum Wing Strut/Jury Strut Attachment

Subject:    Re: Re: Aluminum Wing Strut/Jury Strut Attachment
From:    Michael Perez (
Date:    Wed Jul 23 - 5:29 AM
I agree Cliff. I do not think it is a good idea to drill a hole through the
 aluminum wing strut, insert a 3/32 eye bolt and be done.- That would cre
ate a weak point in the structure where the strut could fold right at that 
eye bolt. However, if an insert is used, that insert not only prevents the 
aluminum wing strut from being crushed under the eye bolt, it also prevents
 the strut itself from collapsing at that spot from bending loads. This ins
ert acts like a spine inside the wing strut, it could be any length down th
rough the length of the wing strut, if the strut was going to fold under be
nding loads, it woud do it on either/both sides of this insert/spine...wher
e there are no holes drilled...where the strut is fully intact.=0A=0A-=0A
If God is your co-pilot, switch seats=0AMike Perez=0AKaretaker Aero=0AFirst
 engine start complete!

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