Re: Re: Noise from Japan

Subject:    Re: Re: Noise from Japan
From:    M W Stanley (
Date:    Tue Aug 25 - 6:54 AM
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the link,
I like wire wheels but I like balloon wheels at the same time. Those wheels 
seem to be a bit of both.
I am also into restoring 80's road racing bicycles (often ride them to work 
and back) so lacing up wheels is something I do.
Lacing/truing wheels can be both interesting and frustrating!
Those wheels look neat with the radial spoke pattern. Bikes sometimes have 
the front wheel laced with a radial pattern, but not the rear wheel as 
pedaling induces similar loads as trying to use brakes on you wheels.
Anyway, if I ever get finished, I hope to fit wire wheels.......but that is 
a long way off........

Mark Stanley

> Mark,
> This is the only other picture I have seen of a plane with wheels like 
> mine.  I have never seen them on another flying airplane.  I also have an 
> old catalog somewhere at home that shows them for sale.  These wheels are 
> someting I am always looking for when I visit muesum's.
> --------
> Scott Liefeld

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