Re: Andy-- storage space and fuel

Subject:    Re: Andy-- storage space and fuel
From:    taildrags (
Date:    Wed Feb 25 - 9:41 PM

My answer to your question about a header tank is just my answer-"yes", but to
elaborate,  I consider a header tank to be one that doesn't have its own filler
cap and so it is filled from the main tank by the pilot's manipulation of valves.
If I could possibly stretch an aviation regulation that says there must
be a quantity indicator for each fuel tank, I would further stretch things by
saying that header tanks don't usually have quantity indicators.  You have a
fuel gauge for the main tank, but once it feeds into the header tank you don't
typically have a readout of what's in that tank.  Anyone else care to comment?

Oscar Zuniga
Medford, OR
Air Camper NX41CC "Scout"
A75 power

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