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Matt Dralle
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Chalkie Stobbart


Feb 1 2004

Subject:   RV-List article applicable to all RV's and all Plexiglas canopies.

Holes in Plexiglas, plus pop-rivets equals point loads. Point loads in Plexiglas equals cracks. Not IF... only WHEN?

Why do we still use this archaic method? Today there are many adhesives capable of doing the job and doing it better. Sikaflex 295UV is one such adhesive, by gluing your canopy down you will be avoiding point loads, increasing the 'wetted area' attaching the canopy / windscreen to structure in the position it wants to be, again no point loads applied. To me the benefits are obvious...

1. The canopy rests where it wants to be till the adhesive cures, reducing stress to the Plexiglas.

2. There are no point loads applied to the Plexiglas such as pop-rivets and screws.

3. The adhesive remains flexible, allowing the canopy some movement.

4. There are no unsightly fibreglass strips between the canopy and the windscreen. The joint is neat, clean, smooth and watertight.

5. The lower edge of the canopy does not have the holes and all the screws plus the nylon strip and it looks neater.

6. All the stress of drilling holes in your canopy is reduced to the single hole needed.

Refer to the January 2004 SPORT AVIATION for an article on this method. Also bear in mind that this installation was 'prototype' work and as can be seen from the excess glue in the joints, I put too much on the 4130 tubes. DO NOT apply too much adhesive, it is difficult to remove! Apply enough adhesive to get a good bond, then later apply neat fillets to increase bonding area and to have the desired neat finish.

File: Holes_in_Plexiglas.doc
    Holes_in_Plexiglas.doc Word Document
    Roll_bar_+_seal_011.jpg Photo 1
    Roll_bar_+_seal_021.jpg Photo 2
    Shrink_sleeve_LHS_021.jpg Photo 3
    Side_skirt_inside_01.jpg Photo 4
    Slider_centre_support_01.jpg Photo 5
    Slider_centre_support_02.jpg Photo 6
    Slider_rear_centre_02.jpg Photo 7
    Top_of_slider_01.jpg Photo 8
    Windshield_fairing_RHS_01.jpg Photo 9
    Windshield_slider_butt_join_01.jpg Photo 10

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