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Matt Dralle
Email List Administrator

Submitted By:
Email List:   Yak-List

Gus Fraser


Mar 23 2003

Subject:   Tach generator for Yak 52 problem

The photos are of my Tach Gen from a Yak 52 M14P engine. It shows the dismantling of the unit to show the failure of the unit due to wear. I have tried to take pictures that show the problem. The symptoms of failure were a pulsing Tach followed by complete failure in both cockpits.

    tach_001.jpg Photo 1
    tach_003.jpg Photo 2
    tach_004.jpg Photo 3
    tach_005.jpg Photo 4
    tach_006.jpg Photo 5
    tach_007.jpg Photo 6
    tach_008.jpg Photo 7
    tach_009.jpg Photo 8

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