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George McNutt


Aug 30 2003

Subject:   Simple Carb Heat Muff

Attached are pictures of a simple and cheap home made carb heat muff I made for my RV-6A with Vetterman cross-over exhaust. I thought that the Van's heat muff was too small and origionally had a larger carb heat muff custom made, it only took heat from one exhaust pipe. I was not satisfied with the carb air temperature rise. This muff is shown in photo with round inlet holes.

To get heat from both exhaust pipes I built a simple muff shown in the pictures which will give you the general idea. The muff is made in two pieces and screws together with tinnerman nuts and sheet metal screws.

The flat bottom piece has a purchased outlet flange. Flat aluminum bar stock is riveted to bottom plate parallel to exhaust pipes to act as spacers and also to compensate for the different heights of the two exhaust pipes. Long countersunk rivets were used with shop head up against exhaust pipes. The spacers extend out past each end of the bottom plate and stainless hose clamps attach over the spacers to secure the heat muff to the exhaust pipes.

There are two spacers sticking out each end of the plate but only two hose clamps are used, one on each pipe (front right & back left). This will allow heat muff to "float" and compensate for different expansion rates.

Pulling heat from two pipes has increased my carb air temperature by 10-15 degrees and the muff seems to be standing up well after 75 hrs operating time.

George McNutt
Langley B.C.

    Carb_Ht_Muff_1.jpg Photo 1
    Carb_Ht_Muff_3.jpg Photo 2
    Carb_Ht_Muff_5.jpg Photo 3
    Carb_Ht_Muff_Orig_2.jpg Photo 4

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