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John Starn


Jul 27 2003

Subject:   Cockpit Air Vents

These are photos of HRII N561FS fresh air vents.

    Door_Dimensions.jpg Door dimentions: The arch is made of three (3) pieces, Two inverted "T's" and a cross piece. The support frame is made of .040 alumunum and rivited solid to the skin. The knerled wheels were had from flat stock. The slotted screw was drilled out to allow the cotter key to act a pivot point.
    Front_Open.jpg Front open: This shows the front seat vent in the open position. A seal of the door was made by applying black RVT to the edge of the flange and putting saran wrap on the door, closing same until dry, opened and trimed.
    Location_of_Doors.jpg Location of doors: This shows the right side with both doors open.
    Rear_Closed.jpg Rear Closed: This shows the size, shape of the door openning and hinge attachment. The cross piece is attacted thru the "T" and fuse. skin with a loooong rivit.
    Rear_Open.jpg Rear Open: The screw is threaded thru the knerlled wheel and held open by the passing air.

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