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Jim Jewell


Dec 18 2004

Subject:   RV6-A lower cowl engine air intake seal

Here is another way to add about 5 hours to the build time. Because I did not care much for how the rubber seal I made as per Van's plans. Instead I decided to install a P-seal interface for the fresh air box where it meets the cowling inlet.

Hand shaping the odd shaped aluminium reinforcing strip to hold it in place was more work than drilling and riveting it into position. The P-seal strip Is silicone and quite pricey. I used about 14" of it I cut out the white flat piece from scrap left over from cutting the opening for the inlet snorkel housing.

After trimming it to approximately fit I used a hot glue gun to temporarily hold it in place for fitting purposes. It took about four re and re's of the lower cowling to get the right fit. I thickened some epoxy to a stable paste consistency for cluing it in place. I have sanded to 1500 grit and polished the face that the seal will meet up against.

I fitted the two parts such that a thin strip of .016 alclad slides in snug and is held in place by the P-seal

The RV is not yet airborne so we'll see how it works out.

The attached photos should be self explanatory.

    DSCF3445.jpg Photo 1
    DSCF3446.jpg Photo 2
    DSCF3451.jpg Photo 3
    DSCF3452.jpg Photo 4
    DSCF3453.jpg Photo 5
    DSCF3459.jpg Photo 6
    DSCF3460.jpg Photo 7
    DSCF3461.jpg Photo 8
    DSCF3463.jpg Photo 9

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