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Matt Dralle
Email List Administrator

Submitted By:
Email List:   Kitfox-List

John T. Soner


Sep 3 2005

Subject:   KF III Elevator Trim

KitFox III elevator trim made from a lawn mower thatching blade spring. The linkage to the torque tube is two carb control ends linked by a rod made from welding two socket head machine screws together. There is a leather pad between the large washer and the mounting plate. Tension is adjusted with the castellated nut on the through bolt. The short dog-leg arm is the control, forward for nose down, rearward for nose up.

    KF3ElevTrim1.jpg KF3ElevTrim1; Left side
    KF3ElevTrim2.jpg KF3ElevTrim2; Right side

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