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Matt Dralle
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Email List:   RV-List,RV6-List

John L. Danielson


Dec 3 2005

Subject:   Easy way to help cowl removal

Here is how I solved my problem of cowl removal without messing with the intersection fairings. I glassed the intersection fairing to both the fuselage and the cowl, while the cowl was attached to the plane. Then using a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel, I sliced the intersection fairing at an angle that matches the landing gear legs. I then glassed small strips of fiberglass to the inside of the intersection fairing that remained on the fuselage, protruding out so as to be under the intersection fairing that is attached to cowling. This stops the wind from getting under the intersection fairing that is attached to the fuselage.

    Image004a.jpg Photo 1

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