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Matt Dralle
Email List Administrator

Submitted By:
Email List:   Tailwind-List

CJ Kirby


Sep 25 2004

Subject:   N540CJ Fuse Jig

Pictures are of the fuselage jig, and tacking of the first side of N540CJ.

    DCAO0004.jpg Photo 1
    DCAO0005.jpg Photo 2
    DCAO0006.jpg Photo 3
    DCAO0007.jpg Photo 4
    DCAO0008.jpg Photo 5
    DCAO0009.jpg Photo 6
    DCAO0010.jpg Photo 7
    DCAO0011.jpg Photo 8
    DCAO0012.jpg Photo 9
    DCAO0013.jpg Photo 10
    DCAO0014.jpg Photo 11
    DCAO0015.jpg Photo 12
    DCAO0016.jpg Photo 13
    DCAO0017.jpg Photo 14
    DCAO0018.jpg Photo 15
    DCAO0019.jpg Photo 16
    DCAO0020.jpg Photo 17
    DCAO0021.jpg Photo 18
    DCAO0022.jpg Photo 19
    DCAO0023.jpg Photo 20
    DCAO0024.jpg Photo 21
    DCAO0025.jpg Photo 22
    DCAO0026.jpg Photo 23
    DCAO0027.jpg Photo 24
    DCAO0028.jpg Photo 25
    DCAO0029.jpg Photo 26
    DCAO0030.jpg Photo 27
    DCAO0031.jpg Photo 28

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