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Doug Sapp


Dec 14 2001

Subject:   2001 Brand New CJ's

Here are a few shots of the 2 new 2001 factory new CJ6A's as they arrived At Bill Blackwell's facility in Phoenix. Both made the trip in excellent condition. Cockpits are placarded in English, so yes folks they are slowly coming around to our way of thinking. Give me a call @ 509-826-4610 if you have any questions.

    New_CJ_front_cockpit.jpg Front Cockpit
    New_CJ_horiz_stabs.jpg Horiz Stabs
    New_CJ_in_the_crate_1.jpg In The Crate
    New_CJ_in_the_crate_2.jpg In The Crate
    New_CJ_lower_cowls.jpg Lower Cowls
    New_CJ_rear_cockpit.jpg Rear Cockpit
    New_CJ_vert_stabs.jpg Vert Stabs
    New_CJ_wings.jpg Wings

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