Aircraft Part/Paint Vendors

Airparts Inc.
2400 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, KS 66106
(913) 831-1780
(800) 800-3229
(Aluminum, 4130 Tubing, Reamers, Rotary Files, Hydraulic Hoses, Fire Sleve, Rod Ends, Tie Downs, Nuts, Bolts, Rivets, Extruded Aluminum, Countersinks, Safety Wire and more.

(303) 932-0561.
As always the stainless exhaust (four pipe for RV-4) is $475 mild steel is $350. (same prices for RV-6 RV-6A four pipe or x-over) They are guaranteed to fit. And he has yet to have a complaint of breakage with 450+ systems flying. Note: Pricing is old.

Click Bond Fastening Systems for nut plates
2151 Lookheed Way
Carson City, NV 89706
tel: 702-885-8000
fax: 702-883-0191

Propeller Design/Engineering/Manufacturing - Composite Specialist
Catto Aircraft Inc.
P.O. Box 1104
San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-3553

Courtaulds' Kent, WA distribution plant 206-821-8500 (ask for Sally). They'll sell it at $44 for a 2 gal kit if you buy at least six kits (should take about 2 kits to do the interior of an RV-6 using a conventional spray system). It's a lot more for single kits, $80 or $90 I think. (They used to give us RV builders the discount for single kits but no more....) There's also a reducer that's about $11/gal, which should be enough for the whole thing.

Some good co-ax cable choices from the Belden catalog (probably the largest US manufacturer) other manufacturers cables to the same Mil Spec are also equally good
Belden 8262 MIL-C-17D ... standard Mil Spec
Belden 9203 MIL-C-17E ... seems to be an updated version of above
Belden 8219 RG58 A/U .... commercial grade with "foam" insulation - slightly
lower loss, but negligable for our application. The main troubles I have seen with co-ax cables is in the connectors. Be sure you carefully follow the assembly instructions for the connectors, and only buy top grade connectors ... intermittents and RF reflections caused by poor connectors with bad assembly and internal corrosion are always a bitch to trouble shoot and find. I prefer soldered joints for co-ax assembly for long term reliability.

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