Marvin Soward's RV-6A

Georgetown, TX

A few words from Marvin...
UPDATE: On October 1st,1996 Marvin logged his 700th hour on this airplane! Congratulations Marvin!

N63TX first flew May 1991. As of May 1995, 540 glorious hours have been logged. I used a portion of a two car garage at home to build the plane which took me three years to complete. Momma's car sat in garage most of the time, so I believe with proper motivation it could have been built in a one car stall garage along with some difficulty. The hardest part seemed to be in drilling the first hole and messing up the first rivet. A buddy explained it to me this way..."you're not an expert until you've drilled out about fifty rivets." For three years I didn't do much else: No Flying. No TV. No newspapers, with only short vacations. I kept at my job because I needed the money to finish the airplane.

As I'm an older person, the plane has no landing lights and is strictly day VFR with some goodies to keep me out of trouble: Two Comm, one VOR, Northstar..LORAN/GPS, electric Gyros, WingLeveler, electric flaps, GEM CHT/EGT.

I started with a new Lycoming 0-320/160 HP engine and Wernke prop. I usually plan on a 141 knot cruise speed, burning 8 gph, uphill or downhill. I had a lot of excellent help from the experts around the Georgetown Airport in Austin, TX to get the plane flying and keep it flying.


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