Mike Talley Instrumentation Documentation

A few words from Mike.

These documents, drawings and data are preliminary and are for other Rvers to
use, modify or build on as they see fit. The avionics diagrams are based on
the equipment I retrofitted into my C172 a few years ago. Anyone installing
electrical equipment or avionics should refer to the manufacturers
information for the final hookup. I will be happy to consult or comment on
any of this info. If there is interest I will pass on more data and updates
as they develop. Contact me at miket@aol.com unless you feel your message
would be appropriate for all of the RV Listers. I am continuing to gather
data on other components and systems that I may chose to use in my RV. I have
the manufacturers data from Lightspeed on their electronic ignition and
probaby will create a diagram for that to see what is involved in it's use.
Good luck and happy building and flying!

Mike Talley
Arlington, WA
EAA Chapter 818
RV-6 (A?)

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