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Fuel Sender Notice

To: RV builders
Date: 01/13/95 11:58:25

Recently VAN's aircraft has been shipping a new design (better) of Stewart-Warner fuel senders under the old part #'s F-385B and F-385C.

The only real difference is in how the device's float arm must be bent in order to be used in the confines of the RV wing tanks.

First, the units need to be mounted in the wing tanks with the plastic lever arm in the UP position, that is the pivot point of the arm will be below the lever.

Second, it should be noted that the axle point has a hole through it and this is to be used for retention of the float arm.

Finally, the best way to fit the supplied float to the sender is to mock it up with some easily bent wire, like a coat hanger or copper wire, so as to get it correct before bending the actual float arm. My experience is that it first takes a bend through the axle hole to fix the pivot point then a straight run of about 3", then a right angle bend (down) and a final 3" run to the float.

This results in the float excursion being pretty much from the bottom to top of the tank without actually hitting the top or bottom tank skins.

Another tip is that the resistance of the sender should be low (20-30 ohms) when the tank is full and high (240 or so ohms) when empty. This can easily be measured with an ohmmeter.

Tom Green @ VAN's.
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