Van's Aircraft

by Tom Green

ALERT 10/30/1995

It has come to our attention here at Van's that a few pieces of NON-STRUCTURAL aluminum angle have been sent out to customers in error!

This material is sent out in the 14' 2" lengths used for the longerons and the 10' 10" lengths used in the wings! It MUST NOT be used!!!!!! It is designated "AA6-125X3/4X3/4".

It is easy to identify: The NON-STRUCTURAL aluminum does NOT have a web radius. If you examine the angle, you will find the included angle is 90 degrees and on the incorrect material there is no radius or web in the included area. If the material is correct, there is 1/8" included radius or so between the legs of the angle. If you have any doubt, please call immediately!

If you have any of this material in your posession, please do NOT use it and let us know immediately! We will resupply you with new longeron material as soon as possible.

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