RV Internet Builders List

Compiled by Russell Duffy

There are 76 listings that include 23 states and 6 countries. I edited listings where necessary in an attempt to keep them in the same format. I also removed phone numbers and street addresses. I hope everyone is satisfied with the results. As they say, you get what you pay for :-) We are, indeed, and interesting group.


Russell Duffy



Frank Marlowe Trinity, AL fmarlowe@hiwaay.net RV-6A SN 22782(plans#) The project has been in limbo for the past year due to overwhelming business demands and govermental red tape. The tail is 75% complete and I hope to continue the project soon. I have wing kit (non drilled). Hope to install a 180 w/cs prop. Your mail group is very encouraging. I'm glad to be a part of it and hope I'll be able to contribute someday. Regards, Frank


Hi my name is Bill Fletcher and Im a RV addict. I have built a RV-3 finished it in 1989 after 1835hrs of construction. It has a 0-320 B1B (Lycom), 68x62 climb prop (Pacesetter), 42 gallons fuel (30 wing and 12 fuselage) it goes like heck. Finished in 1989 hence N89RV. Now Im building an RV-4 started it in 1990 after going through rv builders withdraw. Ive been poking along on this one for 7 years and expect to have it in the air in spring just after breakup 1997. Its N# is N97RV it has 0-360 A1A with Hartzel C.S. prop. It also has 10 gal of extra fuel in fuse for making those long legs to the lower 48. This is my first time on the internet so im not sure what im doing . Im on the Polarnet.com in Fairbanks Alaska. Fletcher@polarnet.com or 2800 Riverview Dr. Fairbanks AK 99709 thank you for this service.. Bill Fletcher..


I guess I am the only builder in Arizona! Just about finished with my wings and plan on ordering the quick build firewall with the fuselage. I commute to California to work and I need to get done ASAP. I currently fly a Cherokee 140 and am soooooo looking forward to making the trip in half the time on half the fuel. So far the kit has been a joy to build. Not without a lot of four letter words, but fun just the same. I have built quite a few street rods from the ground up and I can say that having someone do the engineering for you makes all the difference in the world. Also it is nice to come out of the garage with no grease on the body. Anyone who has any advice on my next phase of construction can get me at this address or jola@lnknet.com


Richard Ernst Conway, AR ernstrm@alpha.hendrix.edu RV-6A SN-23205 Tail is 85% finished (elevators not quite complete). Wing kit should arrive late July. Planned options: manual elevator and aileron trim, manual flaps. Will be building my own wing spar.


Brian K. Cooper Altadena, CA cooper@robotics.jpl.nasa.gov RV-6A SN-23141 I'm finishing up the empennage and just ordered my wing kit. I'm planning on tip-up canopy, electric flaps and elevator and 0-360 with CS prop. I work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (part of NASA). I'm part of the team that is building the first robotic vehicle (rover) to be sent to Mars, launching Dec of next year.

Jess Mallian Bakersfield, CA RV4FLYER@aol.com RV-4, #3410
Edward Cole Cupertino, CA ecole@ix.netcom.com RV- (didn't say) Status: waiting for Emmpanage Kit to arrive Test Engineer at Maxim Integrated Products (Semiconductors)
Remi D. Khu Long Beach, CA rkhu@earthlink.net RV-4 SN-3751 Project started on 25 March 1994 Location: Compton Municipal Airport (CPM) Empennage section assembled, primed. Tips not yet installed. Currently (7/95) hanging left wing ribs onto Phlogiston spars. Plan: IFR panel, loran, single comm cluster with handheld backup. Considering Wenkel auto-converted engine block. C/S prop - suggestions? Sliding canopy modification (if practical for rear pax) Dual-control linkage - Electric flaps only! Color: Silver longitudinal trimming on Black/Navy Blue
Gil Alexander Los Angeles, CA (near Marina del Rey) gil@rassp.hac.com RV6A s/n 20701 Tail complete, wings 95%, fuselage out of jig and installing cockpit stuff. Tip-up canopy, electric flaps, elec. elev. trim. Have a 1800 hr. O-320E2G - needs a new sump for the -6A, will probably convert it to 160 HP. 47 years old, electronics engineer, glider pilot/owner and an Airframe Mechanic.
Gary A. Sobek Manhattan Beach, CA Work: GASobek@ccgate.hac.com Home: 70176.1660@Compuserve.com RV-6 SN-20480 N-157GS Started April 1989. Tail 100%, wings 99% (built own spar, fuel tanks were easy, My employer provided OJT for Proseal!), Fuselage on Gear 98%, Manual flaps, manual 2 axis trim, sliding canopy 100%, Engine O-320 B2B C with Constant Speed 98%, instruments 95%, cowl 95%, FAB-320 5%, wiring 2%, plumbing 60%, Seats ordered with October delivery scheduled, First flight planned for December 1995. Planning on being at Oshkosh 1996 complete with paint. The -6 is based at CABLE airport in Upland, CA (Southern California.) Cost to build: 2 wives, 1 girl friend, 2 houses, 3 rental units, 1 house of furniture and 1 car. Time to build to date: 1700 hours + engine rebuild time not included. Attending night classes for A? license, 80% complete. I am a Electrical System Engineer designing satellite test equipment interfaces.
Chris Ruble Milpitas, CA cruble@cisco.com RV-6 S/N# 22151 Tail feathers completed, Wings in process Product Test Egn., Cisco Systems Currently flying a '65 Cherokee 180 (8085W)
Jim Ayers Newbury Park, CA jeayers@ccgate.hac.com RV-3 SN 10050 Flying :-) RV-4 SN 2708 Building :-( RV-3 N47RV Completed 1988. First 323.7 hours on Lyc. O-290-G. 9 hours on LOM M332A (4 cyl in-line inverted Czechoslovakian aircraft engine). Wing tanks. Side-hinged canopy. Sportcraft NAV antenna in right wing tip, and Sportcraft COM antenna in vertical stabilizer cap (10" tall). RV-4 Started on tail kit. (Kits are a lot nicer than plans built.)
Russ Nichols Sacramento, CA Russ_Nichols@fire.ca.gov RV-6 SN 24010 Empenage in progress. Tool collection growing... Software engineer/project manager, California Dept. of Forestry
Bruce Patton San Luis Obispo, CA BPattonsoa@aol.com RV-6A Started 11/94, Wings/tail complete, Fues in Jig, EAA chapter 170, Age 50, Engineer, Glider Pilot Other Projects: HP-18 glider, completed in '87

Bob Hall Colorado Springs, CO RV6Bldr@aol.com RV-6 s/n 20719 tail - 98% wings- 75% fuselage - preparing my order electric elev. trim, electric flaps, sliding canopy USAF ret, dabbler in computer programming
Dane Heule Denver, CO Compuserve address is 76364.2426 or bq535@freenet.hsc.colorado.edu RV-4 18LR I have been flying my RV-4 for 6 years here in Denver and I am active with the local Rockey Mountain RVators.
Jeffrey Hall Ft. Collins, Co. jhall@fortnet.org RV4 sn2179
Ed Weber Ft Collins, CO ebw@fc.hp.com RV-6A SN-23945 Started empenage in June 95.
Warren Gretz Littleton, CO (Metro Denver) gretzw@tcplink.nrel.gov RV-6 s/n 23270 N25WG Wings about 98% done. One year into project.

Nigel Kirlew Coconut Creek, FL anto@gate.net RV-6A SN-23221 I purchased a set of plans two years ago and have yet to begin construction. Current plan is to order empennage in a month. Wish list: O-360, sliding canopy, electric flaps to save space in cockpit, VFR panel.
Russell Duffy Navarre, FL (near Pensacola) rad@gulf.net RV-6 sn-22407 Empenage complete, currently working on fuel tanks, building both wings at once. Basic VFR I'm a field service rep for Picker International. I install and maintain Medical Imaging systems (mostly MRI and CT scanners).

John Winter Boise, ID WinterByte@aol.com RV-6A I began the project by tooling up about 1.5 years ago. Construction on tail started in May. Took 2.5 months of full time + to complete horz stab, vert stab, and rudder. This is probably longer than average, but I have never worked with sheet metal before this. Boy, have I learned a lot! Got some good info on trim from the network. Thanks to all who took time to comment. I've decided to go with servos. Planned completion date is the year 2000. Software Consultant specializing in CASE tools and data base design.

Don Mack Chuck Mack (brothers) New Lenox, IL donmack@interacess.com RV-6A SN-22307 Emp. Complete Left wing - Needs bottom skin and flaps attached Using Phlsogen (sp) spar, London tanks, manual trim Plan to us 360 with CS prop.
Thomas Boatright Urbana, IL trboatri@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu RV-4 empenage complete, wings 85% complete. I work at the University of Illinois mostly installing, maintaining and programming fire alarm and security systems.

Jim Delveau Ankeny, IA JDelveau@aol.com RV-6 Started project in October of 1994 (got a very slow start) Left elevator just about finished and waiting on the wing kit. Computer Consultant for Goulden Computer Services, Inc. in Des Moines, IA. Married, no children, two beagles (planning to make special beagle area in the baggage area.)

Greg Tyler Derby, KS gtyler@southwind.net RV-6 S/N 23685 I am Greg Tyler, from Derby, Kansas - near the "Air Capital of the World" (Wichita) and have plans to build a RV-6. (I have finally convinced my wife that this is really going to happen! :^) I am currently working on building a tool collection. I have a slight advantage since Boeing surplus sales is nearby. (new and some experienced Clecos for .25 ea!) I still havn't ordered my tail kit but hope to soon.
Kevin Vap Olathe, KS (Kansas City metro) kvap@sky.net (http://www.sky.net/~kvap) RV-6 SN-24163 - just getting started (plans->tools->tail-kit any day) - planning electric flaps, O-360, tip-up - attending late September builders clinic @ Van's - software engineer working for GPS manufacturer (Garmin)

Dave Hyde Chesapeake Beach, MD nauga@windvane.umd.edu RV-4 Empennage complete, Wings ~70% complete, Ordering fuse soon Bells and whistles: 2-axis electric trim (installed) planning electric flaps. I'm a flight test engineer for the Navy, working flying qualities/stability and control of attack airplanes.

Gary Kozinski Attleboro, MA kozinski@symbol.com. RV-6 s/n 20038. Project started December 1986. I received one of the first shipments of RV-6 empennage kits that Van's sent out and was the only known builder in the area for some time. Bought the kit and tools and dove in. Building with my dad in his basement. Dad's a perfectionist so we continue to make progress slowly but surely. Empennage, wings and basic fuselage completed. Doing some of the final touches (fiberglass tips, gear legs, etc.) prior to purchasing the engine and instruments. I made a career move to Long Island in March 96 that gave me more money but definitely less time for me to do RV work. Plans to get married and have kids (a late starter) (after getting the RV flying). I have a '69 172 that will get me to the shop hopefully a few days a months and to OSH again in 97. Planning on a 0-360 and full, yet, basic panel. The project will get done! Looking for RV's on Long Island. My 172 (and RV someday) is based at Brookhaven.
Mike Draper Bridgewater, MA michael.draper@stream.com RV6 Status: Tail nearing completetion Industry: Software, Systems Development. Myself: Married, two boys (7 & 9). Project was placed on hold past 3 years while my job had me on the road 70% time. Joined a new company in April, 0% travel, found this list and can't wait to dust off my project. Was able to get some acro training in the past few years, makes you really appreciate the RV...
Gary Bataller Westboro, MA bataller@hki127.ed.ray.com RV6A, N615RV I am transporting my plane to the airport on August 12th, and will complete it there. I estimate about 2 more months of work. Married, 4 kids (8,13,15,17); software engineer (ATC systems)

My son Richard and I have been working on an RV6A for about 3 years now. We have completed the empennage and are working on the main wing spars.
Gary Streeter
35 William Street
Andover, MA 01810
508 470 1363


Joe Larson Golden Valley, Minnesota jpl@showpg.mn.org RV-6A Working on an RV-6A. Just finishing the HS this weekend.
Jim Wittman Minneapolis MN Jim Wittman@73362.2004 (CompuServe) RV-6 S/N 24048 Tail @ 50%; Wings on order I have 51 yrs, though it doesn't seem like it except when I try to get out of bed. I'm married; one of our combined 7 kids is away and three more will be out in the next year. I run a truck maintenance business; but unfortunately that does NOT make me a mechanic. I flew helicopters for 10 yrs, Army and comm'l, and had a little exposure to our maintenance operations (still didn't learn enough to help me now). I'll get the best engine I can afford when I get that far. O-360 w/ C/S, Throttle-body fuel system and elec ignition preferred. I hope to equip for IFR so that my trips can be somewhat more reliable.
Larry Groom Prior Lake, MN lgroom@millcomm.com KE0VZ ke0vz@wb0gdb.mn.usa RV6 #23782 Horizontal Stab complete. (Summer is here gotta golf!) Pilot for Northwest Airlines


Gary Corde Asbury, NJ RV6junkie@aol.com RV-6 s/n 21194 N211GC My RV is based at Alexandria Field in NJ and is about 99.9% complete. The aircraft was started in October of 1990. Should be flying around the time Oshkosh starts. It has a slide-back canopy, electric trim. auto-pilot, IFR pannel, DJ Larsen interior, CD Player and a list of stuff that I can't even remember. It is powered by a 160hp Lycoming turning a Performance 3-bladed prop. I had the prop on a friends RV-4 and it was great....can't wait to fly it on my -6. My wife (Malia) and our two children (Kyle & Connor) live in Asbury, New Jersey. I am 32 years old and make my living as an aviation insurance broker in New York city. This was the first aircraft that I have built. I had a lot of support from local RV-ers. There are three other RV aircraft in my hangar. There are about 3 more RV-4 flying in the area with another 4 or 5 other RV's going together.
Tom Goeddel Fair Haven, NJ t.goeddel@att.com RV-6a SN-22041 Empennage is complete, left wing is almost done, much of the little stuff (fluting, deburring, and priming ribs, making fittings, etc.) done for right wing. Planning on manual trim, electric flaps, and sliding canopy. Avionics will be basic VFR (radio, GPS). On the fence about gyros. No decision on engine, prop, etc. Building in a 1-car garage. Married, with 2 kids (8 year old twins) and an overweight cat who doesn't respect tools. Started project 4/92. Sloooow but steady progress.
Mike Pilla Old Bridge, NJ mpilla@ccsmtplink.espinc.com RV4 s/n 2866 tail - done wings - done, lights installed and tested, strobes working, ... fuse - still in jig, installed flap control blocks last evening finish kit - in hand electric flaps, O-320-E2D being converted to -D1A involved with small startup in computer-telephony; struggling, so it cuts into building time, unfortunately.

Dick Steffens Mooresville, NC res6246@des.dukepower.com RV-6 Finishing wings (8/95), HIO-360-B1A, Electric Elevator Trim, Manual Aileron Trim, Sliding Canopy, etc. Occupation: Civil Engineer, Duke Engineering & Services, Charlotte, NC. Currently Own a Citabria.
Donald J. Karl Raleigh, NC karl@dg-rtp.dg.com RV-6A SN-not_yet I want to start a 6A in early 1996. I'll go for 360ci (parallel valve) maybe injected, maybe carb. I'll start with VFR planning on expanding to IFR (only for occasional use). Might go to c/s prop right away?$$? Hinged canopy, electric flaps, trim unknown. I'm 32 years old. I'm an operating system kernel programmer;10 years at IBM and now 1 year at Data General working on UNIX. Until three years ago, I knew nothing about planes, but since then I've read everything I can get my hands on. I still don't have plane building experience, but I probably have about 8000 hrs of experience doing construction and woodworking. I think the big attraction to planes for me is the materials will weigh much less and I won't have sawdust up my nose. I bet that aluminum is sharp though??? Fellow rv-lister Wayne Westerhold works one aisle away and is teaching me a lot. We both wanted an RV before we met. Small world.

Carl Weston Aloha, OR carl@drcpdx.stt3.com RV-6 23876 Finishing empennage kit (control surfaces), electric trim. Wing kit on order, electric aileron trim. Planning for 0360/CS, full gyros, tilt-up. Software Engineer (UNIX distributed computing).
Jim Caufield Beaverton, OR caufield@sequent.com RV-4 SN-3453 I am a first-time builder with zero previous buiding experience. Graduate of the May '93 Vans Builders Clinic. If I finish this project, literally *anyone* can! Empenage completed, wing 50% completed (ready to start fuel tanks). I bought the factory spar and don't regret it. Project was stalled due to recent move, but I hope to pick up the pace in the next 6 months. The 'mission' of this aircraft will be day/night VFR with aerobatic capabilities. I want inverted fuel and oil, but don't think I can afford a constant-speed prop. No gyros. No fancy interior. A lean and mean ship.
Frank Justice Beaverton, OR frank@ssd.intel.com RV-6A >From his manual, we know he's working on the fuselage Compiling detailed instructions for RV6 build
Steve Kimura Corvallis, OR kimuras@csos.orst.edu RV-6A S/N 24376 At preview plans stage. Computer programmer at Hewlett-Packard. Around 90 hours total, with three little kids. 33 years old, and have been an RV dreamer for the last 15.
Ross Mickey Eugene, OR rmickey@ix.netcom.com RV-6A SN-23203 Empanage done, wings done, working on firewall, and other bulkheads. Standard except for electric flaps. Plan on IFR, autopilot. Undecided on engine/prop. Married with two children, 2&7. Association executive representing primary wood manufactures in public policy issues.
Calin (Earl) Brabandt Hillsboro, OR ewbraban@ichips.intel.com RV-6 SN-21830 N66VR: RV-6 with slider, mech. flaps & trim. Empenage & wings completed, fuse out of jig. 0-360 w/ Hartzell C/S (from Van's). Building an IFR sport x/c machine. Planning for floats.
Jim & Jackie Eastburn Hillsboro OR (two miles north of van's) JIMNJAC@aol.com RV-4 tail section under const. firefighter (I get to drive the fire engine) wife, paramedic
Mike Graves Hillsboro, OR mgraves@ptdcs2.intel.com RV-6A After messing around for two years, I finally bought a plan set. That was one year ago, and I am saving up for the tools now. I am planning on a basic VFR panel and probably manual flaps/elevator trim. I have not decided on engine/prop combination yet.
Jerry Springer Hillsboro, OR ( 6 mi from Van's) JerryFlyRV@aol.com RV-6 s/n 20241 N906GS Third customer built RV-6 to fly Tip-up, Elec flaps, Elec trim, Vac Gyros, Navaid autopilot, Rocky MTN. Encoder O-360 A4A,Warnke Prop First Flight July 14, 1989
Randall Henderson Portland, OR (Near Van's) randall@edt.com RV-6 SN-21946 Tail, wings- done, just started fuselage Editor, Portland RVators Newsletter PPSEL&S, Instr, Currently fly a 1965 Champion Citabria Software Engineer, EDT Inc.
Don Wentz Scappoose OR (20 miles from Van's shop) Don_Wentz@ccm2.hf.intel.com RV6 s/n 20369 N790DW tip-up canopy electric flaps, elevator, aileron, rudder trims 180hp fixed Warnke prop First flight June 30, 1994, 196hrs as of today, July 22, 1995 Technical Marketing Engineer supporting PC Baseboard OEM customers, for Intel
James Mike Wilson (go by Mike) St. Helens, OR (Portland area) James_Mike_Wilson@ccm2.hf.intel.com RV4, plans# 3369 tail, wing, all control surfaces- done, fuse in jig (skinning) started Feb. 93, Plan minimum configuration no bells or whistles, except electric flaps Want 180hp

Bill Garrett Pottstown, PA 19465 wgarrett@mciunix.mciu.k12.pa.us RV-6A SN#22641 Empennage 90% complete, wings 60%? complete, envision as 4-6 yr. project Canopy, engine, prop configurations undecided Currently planning IFR to be able to get through light "soup" only of the northeast US in summer

Ken Harrill Columbia, SC KHarrill@aol.com RV - 6 SN 23917 I started my RV - 6 project in early spring, 1995. The empennage should be completed by late summer. I plan to build my own wing spar (suggestions & advice will be appriciated).

Shelby Smith Nashville, TN Shelby1138@aol.com RV6A #22666 Currently working on my wings, Fuel tanks finished but not tested Did the Barnard Option hope to order my fuselage by end of the year. Want to do 0-360 with constant speed but will decide next year or the year after. Intrigued with Zoche, MDB, and Suburu options, but waiting to see. Planning sliding canopy - currently trying to decide on lights - whether to put them in tips or wings - hearing rumblings from Steve Barnard Re: different wing tips so am leaning toward wing placement. Using an interesting jig for my wings that allows 360 degree rotation - Dave Hudgins makes them here in Nashville(advertised in RVator).
Chris Brooks Murfreesboro, TN brooksrv6@aol.com RV-6 SN-22935 Empennage is completed with electric trim. Right wing is started using Phlogiston spars. Plan on installing a heated pitot and sliding canopy. Haven't decided on what type of flaps yet. Seriously considering the Precise Flight speed brakes.

David Bonorden Austin, TX Dave.Bonorden@amd.com RV-4 SN-2562 Emmpenage 98% done, wing kit waiting in the garage. Garage full of wife's junk. When the time comes, I will look seriously at any auto engine conversion that has several examples flying successfully. I have my own consulting business and I'm an electrical engineer at AMD in Austin, working on verification of the K5 processor. I'm a former Air Force avionics and missile flight test engineer.
William Downey Austin, Texas billd@ibmoto.com RV-6A SN-22334 I work for IBM designing PowerPC microprocessors. I have a wife and a cute little girl getting close to two years old. I love building things and I love flying. Constructing an RV gives me a chance to combine these two. So far I am still stuck on the tail. Most of this is inertia rather than any difficultly with the plans or kit. I moved into a new house last October with a three car garage. I have most of my new home projects out of the way and hope to get back to building soon.
Kent & Laurie Williams Austin, TX KWilli8027@aol.com RV-6A O-320E2D - finish painting after oshkosh. plumbing contractor - austin,tx 5yr's this month. apx 1900 hr's const time. oh btw. tilt up canopy, std flap mechanism(this seems to be an item here) lucky enough to have locals like tony bingelis to assist in construction (he owed me-i helped him with two of his), jim stugart on electrical (elec engineer), seth hancock on engine rebuild (machinist) and finally bob seibert and mark fredrick with painting a metallic teel green . one more thing. all you builders who have just begun need to spend less time here and more time on your project !
Ken Gray Bryan, TX klgray@bihs.net RV6 SN: 23069 Almost done with finish kit. Setting it up for IFR, 0320 E2D, Fixed pitch. Started October 1993 expect first flight December 95. N number applied for.
Tom & Bonnie Lewis Dallas, TX TommyLewis@AOL.COM RV6A SN 22844 Comments: started tail kit in Nov 93, started wing kit in May 94, building in our garage, have both wings in jigs, have runout O320E2D, flying a Cessna 182 and make it to most flyins in area and the major ones like Oshkosh, Sun and Fun. Home airport: Aero Country - TX05
Diane & Bob Seibert Georgetown, TX Bobseib@aol.com RV-6 N691RV S/N 20691 Completed October 92 455 Hours TTAF Engine 52 Hours SMOH O-320-E2D Sliding Canopy Took 2300 HRS to build EVERYTHING Quality Manager @ Motorola
Jim Stugart Round Rock (Austin), TX DerFlieger@AOL.com RV-6 One of the first finished in 1990. 180/cs prop, Tip up, Steerable tailwheel, Navaid AP, 300 Hrs. Presently converting to an RV-6A, Elec. flaps/elev. trim, Van's air filter, removing center console, adding lower panel, and fixing various other problems.
John Hovan Pflugerville, TX jhovan@swbell.net RV-6A Assembling Tail Kit.

Gregg Sloan Herndon, Virginia gsloan@capaccess.org RV-6A s/n 22425 Tail, control sufaces complete, wing 75%. Planning simple vfr airplane. Member EAA National Capital Chapter 186.
Richard E. Bibb Reston, VA rbibb@fore.com; rbibb@aol.com RV-4 SN 1187 Finishing electrical wiring, plumbing brakes, misc cockpit, paint, the test fly - all as of July 1995. Been buiding since 1988 with major layoffs but the end is in sight.
Alan Reichert Reston, VA reichera@clark.net RV-6 s/n 24179 Still in the "study the preview plans and get tools" stage. Communications systems analyst and theatre technician.

John Ammeter Everett, WA ammeterj@ammeterj.seanet.com RV-6 I'm flying my RV-6, N16JA, out of Paine Field.It has about 215 hours on it and made it most of the way to Oshkosh in 1992. A broken prop can really ruin your day.
Doug Medema Everett, WA dougm@physio-control.com RV-6A #21140 Working on wings, built my own spars, working on ribs. Purchased one-piece top skins from Van's. I have an O-320-E2D. Planning on sliding canopy, VFR panel. Hope to get in the air for about $20k!
Dan Davis Seattle, WA rv6dan@aol.com RV-6 I am currently working on my wings on my rv6.
Mike McGee & Jackie Stiles Vancouver, WA jmpcrftr@teleport.com RV-6 ..sn 23530 Mike McGee and Jackie Stiles are partners in crime on a (planned) RV-6. Currently we have only the plans in the box that I purchased after Sun & Fun '94. We didn't think the old apartment would have worked well so we bit the bullet and had a house built that will accomodate the project. As soon as we get all this dirt to turn green the jigs go up in the garage.

Doug Weiler Hudson, WI Doug.Weiler@swamp.mn.org RV-4 Started in 1/91, currently working on fuel tanks with wings about 50% finished (I work slow!). Plan on a 160 or 180 with c/s prop. VFR simple instrumentation. President of MN Wing of Van's AirForce. One of the larger builder's groups with over 200 members. B-727 second officer for Northwest Airlines. Currently own a 1959 Cessna 180 (which is for sale... need to finance RV-4 and will probably get a Citabria in the interim). The 180 won best contemporary custom at OSH last year. I've also restored a Cessna 140A and an Aeronca 7AC.



John Morrissey Canberra, Australia John.Morrissey@its.csiro.au RV-4 Tail group finished wings almost finished - Fuselage, next! Just relocated to new house, building my dream workshop! ( Helped build Australia's first RV6) I work fo the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) as a computer network engineer.

Dr John Cocker. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada jcocker@frontier.canrem.com RV 6A Started in Feb 1994, and have finished the empannage, wings, and am busy with the fuselage. I have just ordered the finishing kit. I am a retired family doctor, ex flight surgeon, and I have been a certifiable aviation nut since age ten, when Spitfires were the latest thing. I own a Cherokee 180. I am the publisher of a humor magazine for physicians, send me your address, and I will send a free copy. In 1981, I took three years off flying, and went sailing. I managed to get halfway round the world, before making the mistake of returning. I hope to be flying the RV 6A in 1996, I will be painting in quasi-military colors.
Terry Gannon Calgary, Alberta, Canada (CYYC and CYBW) Compuserve 74267,3003 or Internet 74267.3003@compuserve.com RV-6 S/N 24414 Status: Preview Plans, . Hopefully attending the Builder's Course in September, kit purchase at the same time. Spouse: Michelle (no children) Occupation: Team Leader, Information Services, Sceptre Resources Limited Flying Exp: I currently have my Private License, and about 80 hrs. Other: Building is something that I have dreamed about since I was about fifteen, which is getting on for 20 years now. My inspiration at that time was Peter Garrison's Melmoth (sp?), particularly after it flew the Atlantic (whatever happened to it?). Current interest inspired by the remarkable determination of Delmar Benjamin in building the GeeBee. His work is a testament to what is possible if you REALLY believe in something.
Curt Reimer Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada creimer@mbnet.mb.ca RV-6 Empannage & 1 Wing complete (almost) Electrical Engineer, Manitoba Telephone System
Gordon Lomoth Kitchener Ontario, Canada GH.LOMOTH@resonet.com Prospective RV6 builder 35 yrs old, married, I work for Bell Canada Integrated Computer Services. Maintaing wan, lan and voice mail. Learning lots from this list and watching Gord Baxter build another RV6.
Mark Richardson Nepean, Ontario (suburb of Ottawa), Canada richards@sofkin.ca RV-6 s/n 20819 - tail about to be mostly redone, almost complete (previous builder wasn't all that skilled!) - planning sliding canopy, electric flaps, and electric trim on ailerons and elevator - I expect it to be a VFR (maayyybeee IFR), 160hp, Sensenich machine. - planning on O-320B or D - attending RV forum near Syracuse NY in Sept. - software engineer/project manager - Naval EW systems
Ken Hitchmough Toronto, Ontario, Canada J.Ken_Hitchmough@mail.magic.ca RV6A s/n 21450 tail, wings, fuse, finishing kit - done engine installed - 360 with injection wiring and doing all the fiddly bits tip-up canopy, electric flaps, electric elev. trim AirBeetle landing gear, 3 piece instrument panel with side cheeks home designed electronic instruments (similar to VM 1000) Spent 6 months in Nigeria building AIrBeetles

Luis Madsen Copenhagen, Denmark luism@ibm.net RV-6, OYLUI Finished:Empenage, wings and fuselage(almost) Options:as few as possible, I think a good a/c is a light a/c. Instruments will be Rocky Mountains Encoder and Monitor and a G-meter. Tilt-up, manual flaps and fixed pitch prop. This is my first try to build a aircraft sow a keep to plans. I fly Fokker 50 as a commuter captain, will soon fly Boing 737. In Denmark one RV4 is flying, 2 under construction, 5 RV 6 under construction.

Barbara & Uwe Bartsch 25548 Kellinghusen, Germany Barbara.Bartsch@dkrz.d400.de RV-6 SN-XXXXX Just started with the horizontal stabilizer, nothing special yet. Our Professions: Physicist, Pilot at the army


Alex Truman Email , Email c/o tim.graves@uk.sum.com
Building an RV-4, Currently 90% through the empanage kit and just about to order the Wing Kit. Hope to get a 180 Hp engine driving a "Very Nearly" constant speed prop if I can find out more about them. Working as an Aircraft Engineer for British Midland, Completed an Aircraft apprenticeship at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, UK. Glider Pilot and Full Cat Instructor with a share in a Kestrel


Stephen (Steve) Bell Christchurch, New Zealand. Steve@discus.lincoln.ac.nz RV-6 SN-23747 As of July 95, empennage 95% complete, wing kit in shipping. will probably end up behind an O320 & fixed pitch wood prop. Computer consultant & soaring addict, flying a Nimbus II.

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