Frank Justice Manual Revision History

Wing Changes
11/24/94-wingribs.doc Eliminated some steps for kits with predrilled wing skins. Moved conduit location 1/4" to rear to better clear fuselage structure.

10/30/94- wingribs.doc Eliminated drilling holes in rear of all wing walk ribs, and flap brace area holes in #6 thru 9 during rib prep steps. Modified jigging steps to drill wing walk ribs at same time as spar. This eliminated the rivets that interfere with the flap brace and elliminated the need for countersinking holes in spar to allow flap brace to clear rivet heads.

Enlarged cutout in aileron bellcrank rib flange slightly to insure clearance from access plate reinforcing ring. Moved conduit cutout aft 1/4" to better clear the F-604 bulkhead.

Earlier minor changes- Change placement of outboard ribs to allow 5/8 instead of 1/2 " skin overhang at tip for easier attachment of fiberglass tip

Bottom Skin

11/23/94-btmskin.doc Added notes about the predrilled wing skin changes.

9/3/94-btmskin.doc Changed procedure for building access hole to simplify and improve chances of having enough material in kit to make the cover plate. Made inboard skin overlap the outboard skin more so that there would be more room for the row of interconnecting rivets just outboard of the rib.

10/28/94 Minor typos corrected

Top Skin

9/3/94-topskin.doc Changed skin overhang at outboard rib from 1/2 to 5/8". Changed overlap of inboard skin (two piece) to insure enough room for the row of skin interconnect rivets outboard of the rib at the skin joint.

Earlier-moved inboard aileron mounting bracket attachment to this section.

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