Mark Frederick's Harmon Rocket

Georgetown, TX

Mark Frederick is a "builder for hire" in the Austin, TX area. Below is his latest creation which was built for an Airline Pilot on the east coast. Mark designed the entire sliding canopy system and is now selling it as a kit to other Rocket builders. It is difficult to tell from the photo, but the workmanship is first rate inside and out! Flush skins on several seams, fully designed interior, complete rear seat controls are some of the extra's Mark incorporated into the plane below.

If there is any doubt as to the power of this aircraft, I can personally attest that this airplane threw me back in my seat upon takeoff, climbed like a ballistic missile and was at pattern altitude upon reaching the midpoint of the runway. I can see why they call it a Harmon "Rocket." What a ride!
If you are interesting in having a "Frederick Rocket" built for you, give Mark a call at (512)365-8131.

Enjoy the photo's!
Send internet mail to Mark Frederick.

Cruising with EAA Chapter 187 President, Bob Seibert to the Kerrville, TX fly in. Guess who's in the back seat with a big smile!

Harmon Rocket soaking in some rays at Georgetown airport.

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