Ken Hitchmough's Seat Cushion Diagrams - Adapted from Tony Bingelis Drawings

A few words from Ken...
Thanks to those who converted and posted my seat cushion drawings. A couple of comments to anyone contemplating using them:

1. Watch the thickness of the back. I put 2 inches on the drawing but actually ended up with only 1 inch.

2. The width of the seat cushion can be increased if you have electric flaps.

3. The thicknessof the seat is obviously dependent on your height.

A good electric carving knife is ok for cutting temperfoam. You need a steady hand but it seemed to work out ok.

In the winter, the seats are hard. The right hand seat will fall on your head if you invert with no one sitting in it and its not secure with something like velcro. This happened to a very good friend of mine!!!

Ken RV6A Flying

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