Heated Pitot Tube Bracket Kit

Offered by Warren Gretz

I am offering a mounting bracket kit for the installation of a heated pitot tube. The kit is designed especially for the RV aircraft. It is made for the mounting of heated pitot tubes; AN5812-12 (12 volt), AN5812-1 (24 volt), AN5814-12 (12 volt with static source), and AN5814-2 (24 volt with static source). Since these pitot tubes are chrome plated, the mounting bracket is also chrome plated. The kits are also available without the chrome plate for installation of a surplus Cessna, or other, painted pitot tube. In which case the mount can be painted. The mounting brackets are available in complete installation kit form, or the mount bracket only, if it is to be used on another type of homebuilt. The kits come with complete installation instructions with helpful photos.


-Mounting bracket only (Chrome) $80.00
-Mounting bracket only (Paintable) $50.00
-Mounting bracket kit for RV's (Chrome) $100.00
-Mounting bracket kit for RV's (Paintable) $80.00

Please add $5.00 for shipping.

For a flyer that includes two photos of the bracket and kit, with prices, or if you have questions, contact:

Warren Gretz
3664 E. Lake Dr.
Littleton, CO 80121
(303) 770-3811

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