Can I haul ski's in my RV?

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Greg Ratcliff wrote:
>What about those huge lightening holes we put
>in the main ribs? I've always looked at them
>thinking a pair of skis could slide in.

This has been discussed before. Most bindings would be too big to fit
thru the holes. But more importantly, You have a length limit at the
aileron bellcrank rib, which is around 48" in. Maybe you could fit
your kids skiis in there, but that's about it.

Randall Henderson

On Sat, 16 Dec 1995,! wrote:
>I've also been considering ways to haul my skiis in my RV-6A. My first
>thought was to build racks in the tail cone of the fuselage and slide them
>back. However after speaking with someone at Van's (I forget who) I was
>advised that between the weight of the skiis and the amount of other gear
>that would need to go behind the seats, I would probably be causing an aft cg
>problem. Van's suggested instead building a belly pod that can be easily
>installed or removed when needed. Such a pod would sit right on the cg point
>and could therefore be stuffed with gear with little impact on performance.
>(at least non-aerobatic performance) It would also offer the benefit of easy
>loading and would prevent all that snow and mud from dripping into your
>fuselage after a day on the slopes.
>Van's said to get a fat piece of PVC piping and attach a standard spinner to
>each end. I think we can do better. I have made a rough sketch of a
>symetrical belly pod that would open up on each end or like a clam shell for
>easy loading. It would be easy to attach when needed with a clevis type
>arrangement. (the female end would be permanently attached to the airframe.
>The pod would then hang with a couple AN-5 bolts) Anyway a local fiberglass
>place said they could build these things for about $300-400 each which is
>real cheap, except I would also have to build a form +/-$2000 and also a mold
>for another $2000. If enough of us were interested, perhaps we could split
>the cost of the form and mold and get these things made at reasonable price.
>By the way, Just cause I'm going to fill this thing with skiis, doesn't mean
>you can't put whatever else you'd like in it instead. (golf clubs, camping
> gear, duffle bags, food, flag poles, whatever)
>If anyone is interested, or can think of a better solution please e-mail back
>Andy Gold
>RV-6A (finishing kit)

I'm interested. My wife and I do not weigh much and would like to be able to
carry more stuff occassionally. Just getting started with project, though, so
keep us posted. I think a removable belly pod would have market potential.

Gordon Pratt

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