Variprime and Respirators

Hello RVers,

My name is Jerry Forrest. I am a molecular biologist by trade and have been in basic research for 25 years. I have enjoyed flying and instructing in gliders for almost 18 years. Last year I added a private SEL airplane rating to my license. My knowledge of building airplanes is very limited so I have been reading the posts on this list for several months and I have learned a tremendous amount from your discussions. I am in the process of acquiring tools for building and have received the RV-6 empennage kit. I look forward to the challenge of building and learning from all of you.

Variprime- Armed with all the information that has been posted over the last couple of weeks on variprime, I purchased my first quart of variprime and received the following information from the dealer.

Variprime does not contain isocynates. Variprime is a two component self-etching primer. The variprime itself is called #625S(primer). It is mixed with a converter (1:1) which is #616S. When both are mixed together it becomes the self-etching primer. The converter(#616S) is mostly phosphoric acid and is what gives the primer its etching or griping properties. The converter is not a catalyst; therefore, it is not comparable to other primers that use a catalyst and require a positive- pressure respirator. However, this does *not* mean that precautions can be loose. The following is taken from the warning label.

Repeated and prolonged overexposure to solvents may lead to permanent brain and nervious system damage. Eye watering, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and loss of coordination are signs that the solvent levels are too high. Do not breathe vapor or spray mist. Do not get on skin.

WEAR A PROPERLY FITTED VAPOR/PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR approved by NIOSH/MSHA for use with paints (TC-23C), eye protection, gloves, and protective clothing during application and until all vapor and spray mist are exhausted.

The respirator that is recommended is a cartridge respirator. However, if the spraying is done in an enclosed space or in situations where continuous spray operations are typical, or if proper respirator fit is not possible, a positive- pressure (TC-19C) respirator is recommended.

Hope this helps

Jerry Forest
RV-6 (starting empennage)

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