Lycoming Engine Codes

Hi Folks,

Since several of you have spoken about engines lately and I imagine we
are all eventually interested in one, I thought you might be interested
in the Lycoming Engine Model Code page from the Lycoming Direct Drive
Engine Overhaul manual I bought from Spruce. It reads:
Description of Engine Model Code

Example:    TIO                 	541           E1B4D

L - Lefthand Engine Rot.        000          	E - Power Section & Rating
T - Turbocharged              	Note: 001      	1 - Nose Section
V - Vertical Helicopter       	indicates      	B - Accessory Section
H - Horizontal Helicopter     	integral       	4 - Counterweight Applic.
A - Aerobatic                 	accessory     	D - Dual Magneto
I - Fuel Injected              drive        
G - Geared Nose Section     	(cubic inch)
S - Supercharged
O - Opposed Cylinder

Hope this is of general interest.

Bill Costello
RV-6 on emp just received wing kit

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