Installing Pop Rivets

I am about to attach the fiberglass tips to the elevators and stab and the plans call for 1/8 inch counter sunk pop rivets at 2" spacing. Every time I see pop rivets in such obvious places I stop and study to make sure I'm not about to do something I'll regret. Is this like it seems or is there another way or modified approach to this step?

Thanks Again

Jim Delveau 6A
The pop rivets work fine, even though most of us hate to use them.
You can always fill the holes if you want.

One trick in installing them is to drill #40 first, then dimple with
the 3/32" dimple die, then drill out #30, since the shaft is 1/8" but
the head is the same as a -3 rivet.

Randall Henderson

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