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I would strongly recommend that you look into the 10" *variable speed*, table top Band Saw model sold by Sears. It has a "volume-control" on the front that allows you to fully adjust the speed from full to stopped. This feature has proved invaluable. Don't settle for anything less. You won't be sorry. Matt Dralle (

I personally purchased the variable speed (by selecting a different belt/pulley combination) band saw from Harbor Frieght. It operates in both the horizontal and vertical positions and costs $179.00. Replacements blades are $7.99 in January of 1995. It was recommended to me by a machinist who makes parts for F-16's. He has used his for a couple of years and believes it is a great value for the money. John Hovan (

I bought an Ingersol-Rand drill motor from Action Air Parts, in the fly market at
Oshkosh. First the drill motor: It's a 7AH, rated 0-6000 rpm. It has a truely variable speed trigger, I can turn the bit about 50 rpm, that starts the hole, then a quick squeeze of the trigger, 6000 rpm and a beautiful hole. Using 135 degree split point bits, I no longer need to center punch each hole. Doug Bloomberg

#50 drills in std., 6 inch and 12 inch lengths. These are ideal for pilot holes, and it's really amazing how much these drills will bend to get those holes that even the right angle drill can't get at! Also.... don't even bother with standard drills in #50, #41, and #30 sizes, just get the 135 degree split point ones, and don't use anything else in these sizes on sheet aluminum. Gil Alexander RV6A #20701

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