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What Tools Do I Need?

The most asked question from new and prospective RV builders is, "what Tools will I need?" The following list is compiled by 4 builders, 2 with planes flying, one finishing the engine installation, and one midway through his wing kit. The list of tools is divided into 3 groups. First (1) lots of time low bucks, second (2), average Joe some bucks good job and fairly quickly, third (3), Donald Trump's little brother, lots of money.

All of the following can be purchased through Avery Enterprises, Cleaveland Tools, and Harbor Freight Tools. (see last issue for tool vendors) We in no way represent any particular vendor but just point you to a known source. Shopping around will most likely save you money.

First Group: Second List: Assumes you will have most items from the First list. Third, Top of the Line: You have the Money$$$ Go back to Hovan's Home Page

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