Wing Kit

by Frank Justice

Order of Build

There are as many different sequences of steps to build wings as there are builders. The following sequence is the best one we have found so far for eliminating awkward operations, special tools, and two-person steps. The names in parentheses after each step refer to the computer file name for each ection; this name and the date of its last revision are found at the end of each section.

1. Build the main and rear spars (spar.doc)

2. Prepare the ribs and various pieces of angle associated with them (wingribs.doc)

3. Assemble the wing skeleton on the jig (wingribs.doc)

4. Mount and drill the top skin(s), leaving clecoed on (topskin.doc)

5.,Assemble the leading edge skin section, leaving clecoed on (leadedge.doc)

6. Build the tanks and leave attached with a few screws (tanks.doc)

7. Mount and drill the bottom skins (btmskin.doc)

8. Build the ailerons and the flaps (ailflaps.doc)

9. Rivet on the top skin, then the leading edge assembly, finish the tank mounting, mount the ailerons and flaps, rivet on the bottom skin, and add the tips (winglast.doc)

The bulkhead at the main spar station is supplied with the wing kit only because it is predrilled with the spars. You can either do it now to get it out of the way or wait until you get your fuselage started. The only operations required here are to add a few holes and countersink some others, then prime the pieces and rivet them together. Instructions for this are in the fuselage section

Phlogiston Spar: If your spar is already assembled read the following in the spar section: Alignment and assembly notes, Jig Alignment Holes, Numbering Rib Locations. Build the rear spar as described in that section.

Wing Riveting: If you have already built all the wing components, including riveting the leading edge and tank components together, go to the Wing Final Assembly section (winglast.doc). You should have the aileron bellcrank supports and gussets and the inboard aileron hinge in place; if not, see that procedure in topskin.doc.

Frank Justice

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