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From: "Steve Hurlbut" <hurlbut_steve(at)>
Subject: Perfect Fuel Tank Alignment
Perfect Fuel Tank Alignment
Date: Dec 16, 2001
I just finished my left wing fuel tank (not sealed yet) and the aligment with the leading edge is perfect. The problem with Van's instructions is they tell you to drill 1/8" holes and #12 holes in the fuel tank attachment brackets which will decide your alignment before you even get the tank on the spar. Here is what I did: 1.) Drilled 1/8" hole in exact centre on one side of attachment bracket. Make 6 of these. No #12 holes! Cleco brackets in place and drill remaining 4 holes ensuring it is centred. 2.) Put fuel tank skin in wooden cradle and cleco ribs in on one side only. 3.) Put baffle in place. With attachment brackets removed. 4.) Lift up free side of fuel tank skin and cleco ribs and attachment brackets to the baffle. 5.) Cleco second side of ribs to fuel tank skin 6.) Place in wing spar and put cleco and clamps in place to hold alignment with screw holes. 7.) Ensure zero gap between leading edge and fuel tank. 8.) Drilled fuel tank to W423 9.) Drilled attachment brackets with #12 from below using spar as a guide. This worked great for me. Steve Hurlbut RV-7A
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