"A Windows Application for Managing the SkyMap GPS"

By Matronics

SkyComm - Version 1.2 Beta


SkyComm 1.2b by Matronics allows owners of the Skyforce / King Skymap II and IIIC moving maps to manage their flight data in a whole new way. Using an RS232 serial connection between the Skymap and a PC or Laptop, pilots can configure and upload and download a number of important data sets to and from their Skymap GPS systems.

SkyComm is compatible with Windows 95 though Windows 8. A wiring diagram for the required RS232 cable is included in the SkyComm application (see the Wiring tab) and can be constructed using parts from a local electronics retailer.

Installation is simple and consists of only two files that can be located anywhere on the harddisk. The distribution is provided in a standard self-extracting "Zip" format. The default installation location is: "c:\SkyComm Utility". Simply double click on the "SkyComm.exe" application once its been extracted.

SkyComm's Main Window


SkyComm allows the pilot to manage a wide variety of datasets commonly found on the SkyMap GPS systems. The following is a list of the managment functions supported in Version 1.2b:
  • Download BMP format Screen Shots.

    The function allows the pilot to download a 320 x 234 BMP format bitmap of the current SkyMap LCD screen.

  • Upload/Download/Save/Load up to 4000 characters to Skymap's built in NOTEPAD.

    This space can be used to create custom Check Lists for the various stages of flight or used to store any kind of textual data the pilot may require.

  • Upload/Download/Save/Load WAYPOINT data to the Skymap.

    This data can be created with a text editor (or within SkyComm directly) or loaded from a number of different flight-planning software applications.

  • Upload/Download/Save/Load ROUTE data to the Skymap.

    This data can be created with a text editor (or within SkyComm directly) or loaded from a number of different flight-planning software applications.

  • Download/Save LOGGER data from the Skymap.

    This data details each leg of a given trip and includes the Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Average Speed, and Track information.

  • Handy RS232 Wiring Diagram

    The WIRING function of the SkyComm application demonstrates the cabling necessary to build a cable to connect a PC-style Com Port to the RS232 data port on the SkyMap IIIC.

  • Downloading

    It's Free, But...

    Please note that while this application is brought to you free of charge as an extended service of Matronics and the Email List services found on the Matronics systems, your voluntary support is greatly appreciated. Won't you take a minute to make a Contribution today to assure the continued operation and improvment of this program and the many other services found here? You may make a secure Contribution using your Mastercard, VISA, or personal check. Please see the Contribution page for complete details:


    Starting the Download

    Please enter your Name, Email address, and model of SkyMap below and then click on Download Button. A download window dialog should appear asking where you would like to save the file. The recommend location in your top-level directory, for example "C:\".

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  • Installation


    Locate the file on the harddisk after the download has completed and double click on its icon. When prompted on the default installtion location, accept the default directory of \SkyComm. This will extract two files into this new directory, SkyComm.exe and DLL utilities file.


    Simply double click on the file SkyComm.exe to start to application. The first time you run SkyComm you will be prompted for the default Serial Com Port and the default Baud rate at which that SkyComm will communicate to the SkyMap. Generally, 9600 baud works best, although for downloading the Screen Shots a higher rate may be preferred. You may adjust to Com Port and Baud rate at anytime by selecting the "RS232" tab in SkyComm.

    If you have questions or comments regarding SkyComm, please send email to: