How To Subscribe and Unsubscribe
The Matronics Email List Subscription Tool on the left will allow you to subscribe and unsubscribe your email address from the various Email Lists available. Once you've entered your email address, you can select either the "Find" function or the "Subscription" function and then click on the "Execute" button to process your requests.

The Subscribe/Unsubscribe utility includes an "opt-in" function, which is implemented by sending an email message to the entered email address with a confirmation web link that will complete the process. Any modification you make using the Subscription tool will only take effect once you have approved them by clicking on the link in the email you receive. Unapproved requests will be discarded after 24 hours.

List Subscription Modes - Realtime and Digest

 Realtime distribution will forward an email message to you as soon as it it posted to the respective List.
 Digest distribution will queue up the day's messages and send them all to you in a single message at the end of the day.

The Subscription Process Step-by-Step...

1) Type your Email Address in the entry box.
  (If you are not currently subscribed to any Matronics Lists skip to Step 3)
2) Select the "Find" radio button and click Execute.
  Note that this will populate the List check boxes with the Lists you are currently subscribed to.
3) Select or deselect the Lists you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe from. You can use the short cut buttons "Uncheck All", "Check All", "All Realtime", or "All Digest" to automatically populate the check fields. Note that you can subscribe from one List and unsubscribe from another List in the same session.
4) Click the Execute button.
5) Go to your email client and look for a message with the Subject "Matronics Subscription Verification".
6) Open the message and click on the URL Web Link found inside.
7) Close the Web Browser Window that opened in Step 6.
8) Go back to the Subscription Tool browser window on the left and click on the Execute button to refresh the subscription list with your new entries. You should wait about 1 minute before doing this to allow all of the subscriptions requests to be fully processed.
9) Go to your email client and look for new email entitled "Welcome to the xxxxx-list (List FAQ Enclosed)", where "xxxxx" is the respecitve List name you subscribed to. Open this message and read about the many features available on the Matronics Lists including the Search Engine, Forums, List Browser, etc.

Note that you can update your subscriptions at anytime, adding or removing yourself from the various Lists.

If you have any questions regarding the subscription process, please contact the List Adminstrator with the Link below. Thank you for your interest and support of this service!

Matt Dralle
Matronics Email List Administrator