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Various Clecos
Various Clecos

These are the tools that you will, without question, have the most of. They are sheet-metal clamps which serve as temporary rivets. The name Cleco is a brand name, but has become generic much like the brand name Kleenex has become a generic term for "facial tissue".

Pictured are various types of clecos. The ones on the left are typical clecos that are inserted into drilled holes. Colors indicate different hole sizes. The set at top center are often called 'side grip clecos' and are for 'pinching' multiple pieces of material together at the edge of the material. The C-shaped item at bottom/center provides much the same functionality but with greater 'throat depth', and finally the two on the far right work exactly like the set on the left ... but are pressed into service by tightening the wingnuts rather than actuating with the cleco pliers. These wingnut clecos can exert quite a bit more force than the spring-loaded clecos and are therefore useful in specific situations.