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Collection of Squeezer Yokes
Collection of Squeezer Yokes

The squeezer yoke is generally a piece of machined steel which (on the most commone squeezers used in the RV community) generally describe a "C" shape. They are interchangable and are each designed with specific constraints in mind. There are different depths, shapes which are designed to reach around obstructing structures (to a limited degree), and other embelishments which make each one useful for specific situations.

It should be noted that while many yokes (Avery Tools and Cleveland Tools, in particular) are compatible, not all are. While yokes from those two companies can be interchanged, yokes from Tatco only work on Tatco squeezers.

The yokes from Avery Tools and Cleveland Tools work on both their manual as well as their pneumatic squeezers. This compatibility greatly increases the usefulness of a squeezer yoke, particularly given the extreme prices that seem to be asked for them!

On both the manual squeezers and the pneumatic squeezers, squeezer yokes are used to hold the squeezer dies. These squeezer yokes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can either hold a top and bottom squeezer die, or can hold a single squeezer die with the other side of the squeezer yoke bearing upon the shank of the rivet (often called a 'no hole' yoke, and having a thin nose to get into tight places). Pictured are a typical set of squeezer yokes. Left to right, top to bottom, these are :

  1. 3" Thin-nose, no-hole, yoke
  2. 6" Thin-nose, no-hole, yoke
  3. Small standard yoke
  4. Longeron yoke

Each has attributes that make it useful for various riveting situations.