This Ain't No YAK in the Park

List Administrator Matt Dralle Gets a Ride of a Life Time

  • Thanks Brian

    I would like to sincerly thank Brian Lloyd of Cameron Park CA for providing a wonderful afternoon of fun and excitment! On Tuesday November 3, 1998 I met the RV-List's own Brian Lloyd (also an RV-4 owner) at the Livermore Airport Restraunt for lunch and later a thrilling ride in his beautifully restored Nanchang CJ-6A (we like to pretend its a YAK 18).

  • Meet Brian Lloyd

    Brian's an excellent pilot and I was very impressed with his piloting skills and handling of the CJ-6A. Brian's father was a WWII figher pilot also flew in Korea and on into the 60's. It would seem that flying's in the blood. Brian flys from Cameron Park to Livermore two or three times a week on business, usually in his CJ-6A or RV-4. Now I'd say that's a commute to be jealous of!

    Brian Lloyd at the Controls of his CJ-6A

  • Lunch and a Parachute

    Lunch was an excellent Tri-tip sandwich and great airplane converstion at the Beeb's Sports Bar overlooking the Great Livermore International Airport. After lunch, it was out to the CJ-6A for a preflight and a lesson on how to strap on and use a parachute. Now, I don't know about you, but the thought of having to jump out of a airplane and actually use a parachute is somewhat more terrifying than actually just crashing. Am I alone here...?

    List Administrator, Matt Dralle

    Q. - Do the crotch straps really need to be this tight?
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