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         This FAQ can also be viewed in HTML online at the following address:
      PLEASE READ.  This document contains Pulsar-List policies and information
      for new and old subscribers.  Understanding the Pulsar-List policies will
      minimize problems for the Administrator, and will help keep the Pulsar-List
      running smoothly for all of us.
      *** Quick Start Guide to List Features ***
         There are many features available on the Matronics Email Lists and each
         one is described in detailed below.  However, using the List Navigator
         you can quickly access the complete set of features available for this
         List.  The List Navigator can be found at the following URL:
      *** How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe ***
         Simply go to the Web Page shown below and enter your email address and
         select the List(s) that you wish to subscribe or unsubscribed from.  You
         may also use the handy "Find" function to determine the exact syntax of 
         your email address as it is subscribed to the List.  Please see the 
         complete instructions at the top of the Web Page for more information.
         The Subscribe/Unsubscribe web page is:
         Note that you will receive TWO conformation emails regarding your subsciption
         process.  The first verifies that your subscription/unsubsciption request
         was received, and the second confirms that the process has been completed.
         You should receive the first email within a few minutes of your request.  
         The second conformation will arrive in less than 24 hours.  You cannot post 
         until you receive the second conformation email message.
      *** How to Post a Message ***
         Send an email message to:
         Your message will be redistributed to everyone currently subscribed
         to the List.
      *** SPAM Fighter - You Must be Subscribed to Post ***
         When a new post is received by the system, the From: line of the message
         is checked and compared against the current subscription list.  If the
         email address is found, the message is passed on to the List Processor.
         If the email address isn't found in the current list of subscribers, it
         is dumped.  This serves to very effectively thwart 99% of the SPAM that
         gets posted to the Lists.
         Remember, however, that the syntax of your email address is very important
         with regard to the configuration of your email application such as Outlook
         or Eudora.  For example, the following two email addresses may be
         functionally equivalent, but only one would pass the Matronics Email SPAM
         test depending on which was syntax was subscribed to the given List:
        Either email address syntax is alright, just be sure that you configure
        your email application to match *exactly* the address you've subscibed to 
        the List.
      *** Enclosure Support on the Lists *** 
         Limited posting of enclosures such as pictures, documents, and spreadsheets
         is supported on the Lists.  There are a number of restrictions, and these
         are detailed below.  Please abide by the rules put forth regarding the
         content of enclosures.
         These are some of the features and limits of enclosures on the Matronics 
         1) Enclosures will only be posted to the Real Time version of the Lists.
         2) Enclosures will NOT be included in the Daily Digest version of the Lists.
         3) Enclosures WILL BE forwarded on to the BBS Forum Web site.
         4) Enclosures will NOT be appended to the Archives.
         5) Enclosures will NOT be available in the List Browse feature.
         6) Only the following file types and extensions will be allowed:
                       bmp doc dwg dxf gif jpg pdf png txt xls
            All other enclosures types will be rejected and email returned to
            sender.  The enclosure types listed above are relatively safe from
            a virus standpoint and don't pose a particularly large security risk.
         7) !! All incoming enclosures will be scanned for viruses prior to posting
            to the List.  This is done in real time and will not slow down
            the process of posting the message !!
         Here are some rules for posting enclosures.  Failure to abide by these rules 
         could result in the removal of a subscriber's email address from the Lists.
         1) Pay attention to what you are posting!!  Make sure that the files
            you are enclosing aren't HUGE (greater that 1MB).  Remember that there
            are still people checking they're email via dial up modem.  If you post
            30MB worth of pictures, you are placing an unnecessary burden on these
            folks and the rest of us, for that matter.
         2) SCALE YOUR PICTURES DOWN!!!  I don't want to see huge 3000 x 2000
            pictures getting posted that are 3 or 4MB each.  This is just 
            unacceptable.  Use a program such as Photoshop to scale the picture
            down to something on the order of 800 x 600 and try to keep the
            file size to less-than 200KB, preferably much less.
            Microsoft has a really awesome utility available for free that allows
            you to Right-Click on a picture in Explorer and automatically 
            scale it down and resave it.  This is a great utility - get it, use it!
            Look for the link "Image Resizer"
         3) !! This would seem to go without saying, but I'll say it anyway.  Do not
            post anything that would be considered offensive by your grandmother.
            And you know what I'm saying; I don't want to see anything even 
            questionable. !!
         4) REMEMBER THIS: If you post a 1MB enclosure to a List with 1000 members
            subscribed, your 1MB enclosure must be resent 1000 times amounting
            to 1MB X 1000 = 1 Gigabyte of network traffic!!  BE CAREFUL and 
            BE COURTEOUS!
         Also see the section below on the Matronics Photo and File Share where
         you can have your files and photos posted on the Matronics web server
         for long time viewing and availability.
      *** Digest Mode ***
         Each day, starting at 12 midnight PST US, a new 'digest' will be started.
         This digest will contain the same information that is currently appended 
         to the archive file.  It has all of the headers except for the "From:"
         and "Subject:" lines removed, and includes a message separator consisting 
         of a line of underscores.
         Each day at 23:55 PST US, the day's messages as described above will be
         combined and sent as a single message to everyone on the digest email list.
         To subscribe to the digest list, use the same subscription web form 
         described above, and just select the Digest version of the List.
         Note that you *can* be subscribed to both the realtime and digest versions
         of the List at the same time.  This is perfectly acceptable.
        Now some caveats:
         * Messages sent to "pulsar-list-digest" will be forwarded to the standard
           email list.  In other words, you cannot post messages only to the
           digest List.
         * If you are subscribed to both the regular List and the digest List, you
           will receive the realtime postings as well as the digest at the end of
           the day.
         * If you reply to the digest email, your message will be forwarded to the
           normal list associated with the digest.  Important Note:  Please change
           the subject line to reflect the topic of your response!  Also, please 
           *do not include all or most of the digest in your reply*.
      *** List Digest Browser ***
         An archive of all the List Digests can be found online in either plain text
         or HTML format.  These archives contain the exact Digest that was posted to
         the Digest email list on the given day.  The Digest Archives can be found
         at the following location: 
      *** The "DO NOT ARCHIVE" Message Flag ***
         At times, your message may concern something that is revelent only to a very 
         small number of persons or to a limited area, and you may not wish to archive 
         it.  In such a case, simply put the following phrase anywhere in the 
                       do not archive
         Your message will not be appended to the archive, but will be sent to List 
         email distribution as normal.
      ***** READ THIS - Automatic Unsubscribes *****
         Note that if your email address begins to cause problems such as bounced
         email, mailbox is filled, or any other errors, your address will be promptly
         removed from the List.  If you discover that you are no longer receiving
         messages from the Pulsar-List, go to the following Web page, and look
         for your email address and a possible reason for your removal.
         The Matronics Email List uses utility called the "Email Weasel" that 
         automatically looks though the day's bounced email for addresses that 
         caused problems due to common things like "user is unknown", "mailbox 
         full", etc.  If the Email Weasel removes your email address from the 
         Lists you will find record of it at the following URL:
         If the problem listed on the web site above has been resolved, please feel 
         free to resubscribe to the Lists of your choice.
      *** List Member Information ***
         If you have not done so already, please email me your phone numbers and 
         paper mail address in the following format:
                       Joe Smith
                       123 Airport Lane
                       Tower, CA 91234-1234
                       098-765-1234 w
                       123-456-7890 h
         Please forward this information to the following email address:
         I have a file of such things, that I typically use to contact you when 
         there are problems with your email address.  The information will NOT 
         be used for any other commercial purpose.
      *** Realtime Web Email List Browsing ***
         Recent messages posted to the Pulsar-List are also made available on
         the Web for realtime browsing.  Seven days worth of back postings are
         available with this feature.  The messages can be sorted by Subject, 
         Author, Date, or Message Thread.  The Realtime List Browser indexes are 
         updated twice per hour at xx:15 and xx:45.  You can also reply to a message 
         or start a new message directly from the List Browser Interface (coming soon).
         You do not have to be subscribed to the given list to use the List
         Browser Interface in view-mode.
      *** Web Forums Bulletin Board Interface ***
         A phpBB BBS web Forums front end is available for all Pulsar-List content.
         content.  The Forums contain all of the same content available via the email 
         distribution and found on the various archive viewing formats such as the 
         List Browse, etc.  Any posts on the web Forums will be cross posted to the 
         respective email List, and posts to the Email List will be cross posted to 
         the web Forums.
         You may view all List content on the Forums without any special login.
         If you wish to post a message via the Web Forum interface, however, you
         will need to Register.  This is a simple process that takes only a few
         minutes.  A link to the Registration page can be found at the top of the
         main web Forums page.  Note that registering on the Forum web site also
         enables you to send email posts to the Lists as well.  You will also need to 
         Subscribe to the respective Email List as described above to receive the
         Email Distribution of the List, however.
         The Matroincs Email List Web BBS Forums can be found at the following URL:
      *** Matronics Email List Wiki ***
      In an attempt to make it easy to store and find structured and often accessed 
      information, Matronics has installed a Wiki at:
      The Wiki allows individuals to create web pages to contain useful information 
      for other users of the mailing lists and web site. Unlike an ordinary web page 
      where the content needs to be submitted to Matronics for inclusion, the Wiki 
      permits the users to construct their own pages and have them visible immediately.
      While constructing pages for the Wiki is not difficult, some may not be 
      comfortable building pages.  In that case, simply prepare the text and any 
      images and email it to:
      One of the volunteers on that list will take your submission and construct 
      a Wiki page for you.
      Often someone produces a particularly useful posting in email one one of the 
      Lists that would be of general interest. In that case Matronics may take that 
      post and convert it into a Wiki page.
      *** List Archives ***
         A file containing of all of the previous postings to the Pulsar-List is
         available on line.  The archive file information is available via the 
         Web and FTP in a number of forms.  Each are briefly described below:
         * Pulsar-List.FAQ 
                  - Latest version of the Pulsar-List Frequently Asked Question 
                    page (this document).
         * Pulsar-Archive.digest.complete 
                  - Complete file with most of the email header info removed and 
                    page breaks inserted between messages.
         * Pulsar-Archive.digest.vol-??  
                  - Same as the file above, but broken up into small sections that 
                    can more easily handled.
         * Pulsar-Archive.digest.complete.zip 
                  - Same as the Pulsar-Archive.digest.complete file above, but 
                    in PKZIP format.  Use "binary" data transfer methods.
         * Pulsar-Archive.digest.complete.Z 
                  - Same as the Pulsar-Archive.digest.complete file above, but in 
                    UNIX compress format.  Use "binary" data transfer methods.
        Download Via FTP
         The archive file is available via anonymous FTP from ftp.matronics.com
         in the "/pub/Archives" directory.  It is updated daily and can be found in
         a number of formats as described above. (All filenames are case sensitive.)
        Download Via Web
         The archives are also available via a web listing.  These can be found
         toward the bottom of the following web page:
      *** Complete List Web Archive Browsing ***
         All messages posted to the Pulsar-List are also available using the
         Email List Archive Browsing feature.  With this utility, all messages
         in the List are indexed, and individual sub-archives can be browsed.
      **** High-Speed Archive Search Engine ***
         You can use the custom, high-performance Matronics Email List Search Engine
         to quickly locate and browse any messages that have been posted to the
         List.  The Engine allows the user to easily search any of the currently
         available List archives.
      *** File and Photo Share ***
         With the Matronics Email List File and Photo Share you can share pictures
         and other data with members of the List without having to forward a 
         copy of it to everyone.  To share your Files and Photos, simply email 
         them to:
         !! ==> Please including the following information with each submission:
                        1) Email Lists that they are related to.
                        2) Your Full Name.
                        3) Your Email Address.
                        4) One line Subject description.
                        5) Multi-line, multi-paragraph description of topic.
                        6-x) One-line Description of each photo or file
         Prior to public availability of the files and photos, each will be scanned
         for viruses.  Please also note that the process of making the files and
         photos available on the web site is a pseudo-manual process, and I try to
         process them every few days.
         Following the availability of the new Photoshare, an email message will be
         sent to the Email Lists enumerated in 1) above indicating that the new
         Share is available and what the direct URL to it is.
         For a current list of available Photoshares, have a look at the Main
         Index Page:
      *** List Archive CDROM ***
         A complete Matronics Email List Archive CD is available that contains
         all of the archives since the beginning of each of the Lists.  The archives
         for all of the Lists are included on the CD along with a freeware search
         engine written by a list member.  The CD is burned the day you order it
         and will contain archive received  up to the last minute.  They make 
         great gifts!
      *** List Support Contributions ***
         The Matronics Lists are run *completely* through the support of it members.
         You won't find any PopUpAds, flashing Banner ads, or any other form of
         annoying commercialism on either the Email Messages or the List web pages
         associated with the Matronics Email Lists.  Every year during November
         I run a low-key, low-pressure "Fund Raiser" where, throughout the month,
         I ask List members to make a Contribution in any amount with which they 
         are comfortable.
         I will often offer free gifts with certain contribution levels during the
         Fund Raiser to increase the participation.  The gifts are usually donated
         by companies that are themselves List members.
         Your Contributions go directly to supporting the operation of the Lists
         including the high-speed, business-class Internet connection, server
         system hardware and software upgrades, and to partially offset the many
         many hours I spend running, maintaining, upgrading, and developing the
         variety of services found here.
         Generally Contributions range from $20 to $100 and are completely voluntary
         and non-compulsory.  I ask only that if person enjoys the Lists and obtains
         value from them, that they make a Contribution of equal magnitude.
         Contributions are accepted throughout the year, and if you've just 
         subscribed, feel free to make a Contribution when you've settled in.
         The website for making SSL Secure Contributions is listed below.  There are
         a variety of payment methods including Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, and
         sending a personal check.
         If you enjoy and value the List, won't you make a Contribution today to
         support its continued operation?
         Thank you!
         Matt Dralle
         Email List Administrator
                           Pulsar-List Usage Guidelines
      The following details the official Usage Guidelines for the Pulsar-List.
      You are encouraged to read it carefully, and to abide by the rules therein.
      Failure to use the Pulsar-List in the manner described below may result 
      in the removal of the subscribers from the List.
      Pulsar-List Policy Statement
      The purpose of the Pulsar-List is to provide a forum of discussion for
      things related to this particular discussion group.  The List's goals
      are to serve as an information resource to its members; to deliver
      high-quality content; to provide moral support; to foster camaraderie
      among its members; and to support safe operation.  Reaching these goals 
      requires the participation and cooperation of each and every member of 
      the List.  To this end, the following guidelines have been established:
       - Please keep all posts related to the List at some level.  Do not submit
         posts concerning computer viruses, urban legends, random humor, long
         lost buddies' phone numbers, etc. etc.
       - THINK carefully before you write.  Ask yourself if your post will be
         relevant to everyone.  If you have to wonder about that, DON'T send it.
       - Remember that your post will be included for posterity in an archive
         that is growing in size at an extraordinary rate.  Try to be concise and
         terse in your posts.  Avoid overly wordy and lengthy posts and
       - Keep your signature brief.  Please include your name, email address,
         aircraft type/tail number, and geographic location.  A short line
         about where you are in the building process is also nice.  Avoid
         bulky signatures with character graphics; they consume unnecessary
         space in the archive.
       - DON'T post requests to the List for information when that info is
         easily obtainable from other widely available sources.  Consult the
         web page or FAQ first.
       - If you want to respond to a post, DO keep the "Subject:" line of
         your response the same as that of the original post.  This makes it
         easy to find threads in the archive.
       - When responding, NEVER quote the *entire* original post in your
         response.  DO use lines from the original post to help "tune in" the
         reader to the topic at hand, but be selective.  The impact that
         quoting the entire original post has on the size of the archive 
         can not be overstated!
       - When the poster asks you to respond to him/her personally, DO NOT
         then go ahead and reply to the List.  Be aware that clicking the
         "reply" button on your mail package does not necessarily send your
         response to the original poster.  You might have to actively address
         your response with the original poster's email address.
       - DO NOT use the List to respond to a post unless you have something
         to add that is relevant and has a broad appeal.  "Way to go!", "I
         agree", and "Congratulations" are all responses that are better sent
         to the original poster directly, rather than to the List at large.
       - When responding to others' posts, avoid the feeling that you need to
         comment on every last point in their posts, unless you can truly
         contribute something valuable.
       - Feel free to disagree with other viewpoints, BUT keep your tone
         polite and respectful.  Don't make snide comments, personally attack
         other listers, or take the moral high ground on an obviously
         controversial issue.  This will only cause a pointless debate that
         will hurt feelings, waste bandwidth and resolve nothing.
       - Occasional posts by vendors or individuals who are regularly 
         subscribed to a given List are considered acceptable.  Posts by 
         List members promoting their respective products or items for sale 
         should be of a friendly, informal nature, and should not resemble 
         a typical SPAM message.  The List isn't about commercialism, but 
         is about sharing information and knowledge.  This applies to 
         everyone, including those who provide products to the entire 
         community.  Informal presentation and moderation should be the 
         operatives with respect to advertising on the Lists.