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CD - Matronics Email List Archives with Search Engine

With Your $50 List Contribution receive a free CD - Matronics Email List Archives with Search Engine! This is a complete set of archives for all Email Lists currently hosted by Matronics. The Archives date back to the beginning of the each List. Also included on the CD is a copy of Chip Gibbion's Windows Archive Search Utility and includes a precompiled search index for each archive on the CD. If you'd like to have a personal copy of the complete List Archives for your aircraft library, here's your chance to do so and support the Lists at the same time! (For 32-bit only - Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Windows 95/98/ME/Win64-bit not supported at this time.)

Carbon Monoxide Detector

With Your $50 List Contribution receive a free Carbon Monoxide Detector! The Carbon Monoxide Detector can save a pilot's life, especially when flying with the heater on, by warning of the presence of CO in the cockpit - the spot will turn gray/black when CO is in the air. The spot on the detector returns to normal color after it is exposed to fresh air.

Fluid and Oil Spout

With Your $50 List Contribution receive a free Fluid and Oil Spout! Includes a patented on-off spout. Adjustable flow. Includes a flexible clear tube. Fits most quart and gallon containers. Applications include motor oil, transmission fluid, and gear oil. 16 inches

''Avgas Only'' Stainless Steel Mug

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free ''Avgas Only'' Stainless Steel Mug! Make sure you get the right fuel in your travel mug with this stainless steel AVGAS ONLY travel mug. This 14 oz. stainless steel, double-wall insulated mug, helps your personal fuel stay hot or cold in either the hangar or the air. Padded non-slip bottom, no-spill lid, 5.75 inches tall.

CruzTOOLS ToolKit

With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free CruzTOOLS ToolKit! This set of three WWII fighter and bomber ornaments would be a wonderful gift for any aviation enthusiast! Resin, 4.50 inches.

ASA Flight Timer

With Your $80 List Contribution receive a free ASA Flight Timer! Designed by pilots for pilots, the ASA Fight Timer is a unique chronometer that fills a gap in the instruction and pilot aid category. Ergonomically designed and engineered for reliability, ease and convenience, the ASA Flight Timer should be considered essential equipment for all aviators. The ASA Flight Timer has been created with pilot functionality in mind, featuring: Large, easily readable LCD backlight display, Multi-function clock (AM/PM, Universal Coordinated Zulu time, and military time options), Three simultaneous timer options, Exclusive digital notepad for squawk codes or frequencies. Approach timer allows pilots to store up to 12 different approach times, Audible and visual alarm modes, Fuel timer, Stopwatch with 1/10th and 1/100th second digits, Intuitive push and rotate dial for quickly and easily setting times, Multiple mounting options. Pilots will be able to accurately calculate time to the next waypoint, fuel tank changes, turns in holding or an instrument approach with complete confidence. The Flight Timer has been designed to meet the needs of all aviators, from student pilots working on their first cross-country to flight instructors and seasoned veterans. Applicable to both VFR and IFR lights, an ASA Flight Timer should be in every pilot's flight bag.

MyClip Multi Kneeboard

With Your $90 List Contribution receive a free MyClip Multi Kneeboard! The MyClip Multi Kneeboard Strap works on all Apple iPads including the iPad Air and iPad Mini as well as most other tablets and smartphones! The MyClip Multi is compatible with almost any tablet or smart phone with dimensions from 3 to 12 inches (76 to 305 mm) and a thickness (including case) up to 0.85 inches (21.6 mm). The soft coated clips will securely hold a bare tablets and phones as well as ones in a case. The plastic clips can be adjusted to accommodate many different size tablets and phablets. The clips can hold a Galaxy Note in portrait mode all the way up to a full size iPad in landscape mode. With this kind of versatility upgrading your tablet will not require a change of kneeboard! Designed and engineered by pilots, this is one of the most versatile and compact kneeboards on the market. From the humble cockpits of the GA community to the cockpits of fighters and the flight decks of commercial airliners, tens of thousands of our product are in use MyClipKneeboard around the world. Designed by pilots Comfortable leg strap. One-handed use. Perfect kneeboard for iPad cockpit use for pilots. Used by major airlines and the military. Light & compact. Minimalistic kneeboard design keeps your iPad cool in the hottest cockpit. Redesigned clip holds any thickness case/tablet from .1 in to .85 in. (iPad not included.)

Coast TX10 Four Color LED Flashlight

With Your $100 List Contribution receive a free Coast TX10 Four Color LED Flashlight! The Coast TX10 has four colors; white, red, green and blue - each controlled by a separate color coded switch for easy access on the ground or in the air. The high intensity white light is ideal for pre-flight and all-purpose illumination. It provides perfect color distinction and clarity. The Red is best in the cockpit during night flight when you only need a little bit of light - it helps preserve night vision. The green also preserves night vision but gives slightly better color distinction. The blue preserves night vision and can cut through fog. A lightweight aluminum casing offers great durability and will hold up to heavy daily use. Backed by Coast's lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Heavy duty 4 way switch - Each LED controlled by its own switch. 73 lumen output; white LED. 8 hour 15 minute runtime. 36 meter (118 ft) beam distance. Impact and water resistant 3.95 inch length, 1 inch diameter. 3 ounces (including batteries). 3 X AAA batteries (included). Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards by an independent laboratory. Lifetime Guarantee!

CruzTOOLS Tool Kit

With Your $150 List Contribution receive a free CruzTOOLS Tool Kit! The CruzTOOLS Pilot's Tool Kit provides the most common tools and other contents to help get you airborne, including a set of combination wrenches, 8 inch adjustable wrench, tire pressure gauge, locking pliers, 6-in-1 screwdriver, hex wrenches, and diagonal cutters. A special aviation spark plug socket (also sold separately) handles most spark plug makes, and a way-cool mini-ratchet and socket set provide additional utility. Finally, a telescopic mirror, cable ties, and 30 feet of 0.032 inch aviation-grade safety wire are included. Everything is nicely organized into a tough roll-up pouch. While designed to carry on the plane, this may well become your go-to kit for the hangar or ramp. Tools carry a lifetime warranty and are made to precision tolerances using pro-grade alloys, but more importantly they are absolutely dependable when called upon. CruzTOOLS Pilot's Tool Kit includes: Set of combination wrenches, 8 inch adjustable wrench, Tire pressure gauge, Locking pliers, 6-in-1 screwdriver, Hex wrenches, Diagonal cutters, Aviation spark plug socket, Mini-ratchet and socket set, Telescopic mirror, Cable ties, 30 feet of 0.032 inch aviation-grade safety wire, Carry case.

Icom IC-A16B Transceiver with Bluetooth

With Your $350 List Contribution receive a free Icom IC-A16B Transceiver with Bluetooth! The A16 is the ideal flight companion for pilots. This radio practically pays for itself by saving pilots both engine hours and fuel during preflight communications with the tower. Users appreciate the A16's compact, waterproof design for one hand operation for working on the flight line, using it for back up in any aircraft, or for use by ground crew. Its 2400mAh Li-ion battery lasts over 17 hours and the radio includes a nice sit in rapid charger. In line with the Icom brand, the A16 Series is designed to operate in the harshest of environments. It's compact, boasting a waterproof design (IP67/IP54) and built to MIL-STD-810 (C, D, E, F, G) for the best durability. Loud Audio. Air band radios are usually operated in high noise environments, so it is essential for the pilot's radio to provide loud audio. The A16 internal speaker delivers a loud 1500mW audio output with clear sound to cut through cabin or tarmac noise. IC-A16 versus Icom IC-A14. The IC-A16 is the direct replacement to the very popular Icom IC-A14 and IC-A14S transceivers. The IC-A16 is very similiar in size and design to the IC-A14 but introduces a number of enhancements including; IP67 Waterproof rating, Larger capacity battery (2400 mAh vs 2000 mAh), 8.33kHz and 25kHz channel spacing (versus 25 kHz only in the A14), 1500mW loud audio (vs 700 mW on IC-A14), and 20% great output power (6 watts versus 5 watts). The IC-A16B also adds Bluetooth which was not available in the IC-A14.

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