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CD - Matronics Email List Archives with Search Engine

With Your $50 List Contribution receive a free CD - Matronics Email List Archives with Search Engine! This is a complete set of archives for all Email Lists currently hosted by Matronics. The Archives date back to the beginning of the each List. Also included on the CD is a copy of Chip Gibbion's Windows Archive Search Utility and includes a precompiled search index for each archive on the CD. If you'd like to have a personal copy of the complete List Archives for your aircraft library, here's your chance to do so and support the Lists at the same time! (For Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Windows 95/98/ME not supported at this time.)

Aircraft Fuel Tester

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free Aircraft Fuel Tester! Fits all quick-drain valves and has an adapter for recessed drains. The transparent cylinder is 6 inches long with octane color-coding molded in the side. Also included is a screwdriver blade with both Phillips and slotted heads.

All Kleer Windshield Cleaner & Polish

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free All Kleer Windshield Cleaner & Polish! Plastic Windshield Cleaner & Polish For Airplanes. All Kleer was invented by a pilot over 25 years ago for cleaning and maintaining plastic aircraft windshields that require absolute clarity. All Kleer is different than most windshield products on the market as it not only cleans dirt, bugs and grease but leaves a very fine, slick finish. This finish helps to repel water, dust, bugs, and water spotting - making it easier to see and to clean the next time. All Kleer contains no wax, ammonia, or abrasives and does not require the use of any water. A non-pressurized leak proof 8oz bottle is designed to be carried on board if desired. Simply apply All Kleer with a clean towel to a dry windshield cleaning off any bugs and dirt and allow 30-60 seconds for a haze to form. After it has completely dried, wipe off with a clean towel and feel the All Kleer finish.

Magneto Ignition Systems Book

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free Magneto Ignition Systems Book! The book is profusely illustrated with photographs, drawings, graphs, and tables. You'll want to add this great little book to your maintenance library. An absolute treasure trove of information about the Bendix and Slick magnetos used on virtually all piston aircraft engines. The book covers everything you could possibly want to know about how your aircraft ignition system works. The book will make you knowledgeable about the functions of the magneto coil, rotor, capacitor, points, P-lead, impulse coupling, and ignition harness. Learn what

Carbon Monoxide Detector

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free Carbon Monoxide Detector! The Carbon Monoxide Detector can save a pilot's life, especially when flying with the heater on, by warning of the presence of CO in the cockpit - the spot will turn gray/black when CO is in the air. The spot on the detector returns to normal color after it is exposed to fresh air.

Revision 12 of The AeroElectric Connection CD

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free Revision 12 of The AeroElectric Connection CD! PDF format on CD. 12th edition. Over 300 pages. Information Service and Guide to Theory, Operation, Design and Fabrication of Aircraft Electrical Systems. Written, illustrated and published by an engineer and educator with 40 years experience in electrical and electronics systems design. Also included on the CD version: A duplicate of website which includes all of how-to articles and threads from this website, An extensive searchable collection of frequency asked questions and answers gleaned from almost 10 years of conversation on the AeroElectric-List. AutoCAD drawings of wirebooks in progress, Symbol library used by the 'Connection in our publications and wiring diagrams. Advisory Circular AC 43.13-1B in .pdf format, FARs 21, 23, 25, 43, 61, 67, 71, 91 and 135, a 24 module basic electronics training course published by the US Navy. There's also an excellent DC electronics tutorial found on the 'net.

DVD - Building My Zenith CH-701 - By George Race

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free DVD - Building My Zenith CH-701 - By George Race! If you are building, or thinking of building a CH-701 either from a kit or scratch I think that I have something that may be of interest to you. During my build I have taken over 2000 pictures of every detail of the construction. There is not a nook or cranny that I have not photo documented. These pictures are all high resolution and their actual size is 2592 X 1944. When zoomed in on your photo browser you can see extreme close up detail of every part of the aircraft. Photos range in size from 1.5 to 3.0 meg each.

HomebuiltHELP Title of Your Choice

With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free
HomebuiltHELP Title of Your Choice! HomebuiltHELP's DVD Video collection includes numerous titles on various homebuilt aircraft processes and requirements. Each video is professionally edited and presented by Jon Croke. With your $60 Contribution, you can select any one DVD from any listed below. These are excellent how-to videos and you will find them interesting and useful. Each DVD includes a separate DVD with 10-minute sample clips from the other titles that are available. Other titles are available directly from HomebuiltHELP.

  • DVD - Sonex Tail
  • DVD - Zenith CruZer Tail
  • DVD - Building a Glass Panel for Homebuilt Aircraft
  • DVD - Electrical Wiring 101 for your Homebuilt Aircraft
  • DVD - Weight & Balance 101 for Homebuilts
  • DVD - How to License your Homebuilt Aircraft
  • DVD - Computer Tablets 101
  • DVD - RV-12 Empennage & Tailcone Kit
  • DVD - RV-12 Finishing Kit
  • DVD - RV-12 Fuselage Kit
  • DVD - RV-12 Wing Kit
  • Mouse over Titles for more information!

    Click on Titles for detailed information!

    Lexan Aviation Plotter

    With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free Lexan Aviation Plotter! Standard fixed azimuth aviation plotter with easy to read numbers for Sectional, WAC, and TAC scales. Made in U.S.A. from heat resistant premium 8010 Lexan. This superior quality Lexan plotter features ultraviolet resistant ink with clearly distinguishable white, blue and black colors for quick recognition of Sectional and WAC sides. Scales are provided in both knots and MPH. The laminated design provides lifetime scratch resistance, and Lexan construction provides superior resistance to heat warping. This is a clearly superior product priced less than its counterparts from the major manufacturers.

    Sunguard Sun Visor - Large

    With Your $60 List Contribution receive a free Sunguard Sun Visor - Large! This is a unique, easy-to-use, and very useful product for those times when you are flying directly into the sun. Just grab the SunGuard and slap it on your windshield to substantially reduce the glare. Sunguard shields cling to the windshield by their own static electricity. Very handy! Sunguard is made of a transparent polymer, that will statically attach to any smooth surface (windows in aircraft, cars, boats, RV's and homes). It is available in

    Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Records Book

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Records Book! Aircraft Inspection & Maintenance Records has two purposes. For the professional technician, it is a guide to the FAAs requirements of record keeping regarding inspections, repairs, modifications, and the satisfaction of airworthiness directives. Then, for both the technician and homebuilder, it contains an in-depth step by step guide of what to do, what to look for and what is expected during routine annual and 100 hour inspections. For this purpose alone, it is a great value to those who maintain their own aircraft. You can be sure that there is a copy in my shop which serves as a primary guide each year during my RV-6A's annual.

    Construction of Tubular Steel Fuselages Book

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Construction of Tubular Steel Fuselages Book! Construction of Tubular Steel Fuselages is written to assist the average mechanic or aircraft builder to produce a tubular steel airframe that is as good as one from the factory. The assembly methods in this manual are intended to produce a highly accurate fuselage in such a way that expansion and contraction occur symmetrically with no distortion. The techniques given including those on jigging and alignment methods will also help in rapid prototyping where a high degree of accuracy is necessary without elaborate welding jigs. This book details the entire fuselage design and construction process in a practical way for the builder (not the engineer) including consideration for loads, evaluation and placement of fittings and joints, jigging, welding and other metal working techniques, tool use, and the actual step by step construction of top and bottom halves of a steel fuselage as well as the many sub assemblies common to every tubular aircraft fuselage type from J3 replicas to high performance aerobatic aircraft.

    Engine Manual Book

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Engine Manual Book! Sky Ranch Engine Manual is the best and most thorough book available covering the operation, inspection, and maintenance of the Lycoming and Continental piston aircraft engine, including a very comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Why things go bad, how to repair them, and most important; how to keep them from failing in the first place. This book was formerly titled Engineering manual but changed to express that while this book is technically complete, it is a clear and understandable, written for the pilot and powerplant mechanic but not in any sense requiring an engineering background. Includes:

  • Diagnosing engine failures
  • Engine operation
  • How metal fatigue affects engine life
  • Torsional engine vibrations and engine balance
  • Flow porting and its effect on engine performance
  • Lubrication and wear in your engine

  • Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft Book

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft Book! Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft by Vaughan Askue is a complete guide to the final inspection and flight test procedures for your finished airplane. From taxi testing, to in-flight stability, stall/spin response, flutter, engine & instrument function, and expanding the envelope. Highly recommended by Van's and most other advanced kit plane manufacturers.

    Aircraft Fiberglass 101 DVD

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Aircraft Fiberglass 101 DVD! This video shows aircraft builders how to make molds, fairings, and parts from fiberglass. It takes you step by step through the phases of glass work so that you can build parts yourself. There is much nonstructural fiberglass work awaiting the builder or restorer of most light aircraft including cowlings, wheel pants, gear leg fairings, canopy fairings, tail fairing, etc... This video shows how to make the molds and forms to achieve professional looking results by a well known expert using parts of a Van's RV-4 kitplane aircraft as an example. While this video does not excel for production quality, the amount of good information presented still makes it our favorite for the subject and well worth the money.

    Aircraft Painting 101 DVD

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Aircraft Painting 101 DVD! An excellent 2 hour video in which Sam James takes you, in detail, through the finishing, priming, and painting of his RV-4 with the Dupont Veriprime and Chromabase systems. This video is not as finely produced as some others, but the vast quantity of practical information it contains more than makes up for it. In it Sam James takes you through the complete process of building a ventilated paint booth, setting up your equipment, cleaning and etching of surfaces, priming and painting of a metal wing, a fiberglass wheel pant, and detailed custom design on a horizontal stabilizer. By the producer of Fiberglass 101.

    Set of Lightweight Wheel Chocks in Red

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Set of Lightweight Wheel Chocks in Red! These high quality aluminum, lightweight (8oz) aluminum wheel chocks are available in two colors. They come with a bungee cord and clip that ensures they will stay in place. Easy to pick up and go. One pair per package (chocks one wheel). 8 inches long x 2.75 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall.

    Modern Square Instrument Coasters

    With Your $70 List Contribution receive a free Modern Square Instrument Coasters! These 3 7/8 inch x 3 7/8 inch coasters are great for the coffee table or the desk! Each is made with high impact polystyrene with a black neoprene anti-slip pad on base.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition

    With Your $80 List Contribution receive a free Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition! Take to the skies again as Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold puts pilots back in the cockpit for more than 80 missions set all over the world. Want more? Try the thrilling multiplayer mode where you can race your friends for victory and bragging rights. Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold delivers that sense of immersive realism that only the award-winning Flight Simulator series brings to flight sim fans. And with advanced DX10 graphics, heading into the wild blue yonder has never looked so good. OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

    Lycoming O320 Overhaul DVD

    With Your $90 List Contribution receive a free Lycoming O320 Overhaul DVD! A detailed demonstration of the re-assembly procedure of an overhauled Lycoming 0-320 engine. De-mystify the overhaul procedures on the Lycoming 0-320 engines. This video begins with a dismantled engine assuming all parts are either new or to factory tolerances. It presents a highly detailed step by step demonstration of the complete reassembly procedure from mounting the crankshaft, assembling the case, installing the camshaft, cylinders, pistons, valve train, accessory case, and all sub assemblies. Whether you are an A&P powerplant student, a homebuilder, or a seasoned pro wanting a refresher look, this video, produced by a division of Mattituck engines will show not just the procedure, but dozens of hints and tips by the most esteemed overhauler in the business.

    Oxi-Go Pro Pulse Oximeter

    With Your $100 List Contribution receive a free Oxi-Go Pro Pulse Oximeter! The Oxi-Go Pro Pulse Oximeter answers the sports and aviation markets' demand for a lightweight, inexpensive monitor for measuring blood oxygen saturation and heart rate during physically active and high-altitude activities. It offers the user a greater ability to monitor these vital signs under motion and is less expensive than most available devices. The Oxi-Go Pro gives you a dual color, easy-to-read, high resolution OLED display. It also allows you to choose from six different display modes for reading from all sides and 10 adjustable settings of brightness that make it easy to read in the cockpit. The Oxi-Go Pro also includes a handy pulse bar and Plethysmogram. Pilots love Oxi-Go Pro Oximeter because it allows them to quickly assess their SpO2 while flying at high altitudes. Hypoxia can be a pilot's worst enemy, and Oxi-Go Oximeter is a low-cost product which gives pilots peace of mind.

    ASA CX-2 Pathfinder Flight Computer

    With Your $110 List Contribution receive a free ASA CX-2 Pathfinder Flight Computer ! ASA's new electronic flight computer is a price/performance breakthrough, resulting from advances in display and microcomputer technologies. Aviators can calculate true airspeed, ground speed, mach number, altitudes, fuel, headings and courses, time/speed/distance, winds, headwind/crosswind components, gliding information, and weight and balance. Continuing the tradition of the original, successful CX-1a, the CX-2 is the easiest to use, most versatile and useful aviation calculator available, with many outstanding features:

  • Authorized for use on FAA Exams.
  • 34 functions provides access to 40 aviation calculations, including weight and balance.
  • 16 unit conversion functions.
  • Prompts guide users through each problem for fast and easy operation.
  • Calculator and conversion functions can be used alone or within any aviation function.
  • Inputs and outputs are labeled and numbers are displayed with units.
  • Includes a stopwatch, cont down timer, and an internal clock.
  • Functions can be used together in chain calculations.
  • Menu organization reflects how a flight is planned and executed.
  • Hard plastic carrying case.
  • Uses four AAA batteries (included).
  • 5-year warranty.

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