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If you wish to submit a Photo and File Share of your own, please include the following information along with your email message and files:

1) Email List or List that they are related to:
2) Your Full Name:
3) Your Email Address:
4) One line Subject description:
5) Multi-line, multi-paragraph description of topic:
6) One-line Description of each photo or file:

Email pictures and files along with the information above to:

Please note that the adding of your files to the Photo and File Share Directory is a semi-manual process and will take a few days to become available. A message will be posted to the Email List(s) you indicated in #1 above with a link to the new Photo and File Share when it is available.

Matt Dralle
Email List Administrator

    List Specific Photo and File Share Pages    

    Aerobatic-List     AeroElectric-List     Allegro-List     AnPMech-List     Aviation-List    
    Avionics-List     Beech-List     Cadet-List     Cessna-List     Citabria-List    
    Commander-List     Continental-List     CorvairEngines-List     Corvette-List     Cub-List    
    Czech-List     Engines-List     Europa-List     EZ-List     Falco-List    
    FEWMustang-List     Glasair-List     Homebuilt-List     Jabiru-List     JabiruEngine-List    
    Kitfox-List     Kolb-List     KR-List     L29-List     L39-List    
    Lancair-List     Lightning-List     Lom-List     LycomingEngines-List     M14PEngines-List    
    MurphyMoose-List     Pelican-List     Pietenpol-List     Piper-List     Pitts-List    
    Rans-List     Rocket-List     RotaxEngines-List     RV-List     RV3-List    
    RV4-List     RV6-List     RV7-List     RV8-List     RV9-List    
    RV10-List     RV12-List     RVCanada-List     RVEurope-List     RVSouthEast-List    
    Sailplane-List     Seaplane-List     Skymaster-List     SmithMini-List     Sonerai-List    
    Stratus-List     Tailwind-List     Taylorcraft-List     TeamGrumman-List     Ultralight-List    
    Warbird-List     XDP4000X-List     Yak-List     Zenith-List     Zenith601-List    
    Zenith640-List     Zenith650-List     Zenith750-List     Zenith701801-List    

Zenith650-List Photo and File Share


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